What inspires you?

What inspires you?

The question asked was, “do you think inspiration is necessary in life?” It then lead to a series of questions.

Q. Do you think inspiration is necessary in life?

A. Yes, I think it is very important in one’s life.

Q. What inspires you?

A. I can say people and things.

Q. What kind of people or who inspires you?

A. Well! I would say that I’m inspired by people who have influenced history or may be have/had something unique in them.

Q. What do you mean by “who have influenced history”?

A. By history, I mean those people who have stood against odd times and people for their beliefs or talents and abilities. For example, I was always inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was everything that you could think of a painter, sculptor, engineer, mathematician, inventor and a writer. I don’t know if anyone else dreamt of a flying machine or a time machine before him, but he did at his time. Shakespeare is one of the greatest literary geniuses that time has ever produced. Galileo, who brought a revolutionary change in the field of science and astronomy, the ones that, became a foundation for today’s discoveries. How can anyone forget Thomas Alva Edison? Well! These are just to name a few. They were just ordinary people who chased their dreams and believed in those. They were simple people inspired by things or people around them (at least that’s what I believe).

Q. Earlier you said “people who had/have something unique in them” what do you mean by unique in this context?

A. By unique, I mean something that they did differently or a talent they possessed (it could be something normal or anything extra ordinary in their life). For example: Mother Teresa, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs etc.

Q. You had mentioned about things earlier, so what kind of things inspires you?

A. Things that are related to nature or perhaps nature itself.

Q. What or who do you find more inspirational people or things?

A. I would go with things.

Q. Why not people?

A. Well! These people may be from a distant past or distant present. By distant past, I mean the ones in your history books; and by distant present, I mean the ones who are alive but you do not know them personally (their information can be derived from books and internet). There could be people around you as well who inspire you like your family members, teachers, your boss (might be likely) etc. These are people whom we know that’s why they make an impact on us and inspire us to a great deal. However, they might not always be in a positive frame of mind or might be sad at times. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing; it’s just human nature. Everyone has their highs and lows in life; and that is how we learn, leading to who or what we become.

Q. What is your reason to choose things?

A. I find things to be more inspirational than people. Firstly, they are not dependent on any information (internet, books etc). Secondly, you see the things just the way they are (in their own form). For example: a star has and will always shine. The river will always flow with the spirit of life in it.

Q. Do you think inspiration is necessary in our lives?

A. Of course! I think inspiration is a way of life. Inspiration helps you to go on in life. I think everyone should be inspired by something or someone. If you are not, then you are not living at heart, you are just leading your life. Inspiration is just the right tool to catapult your life to endless limits.

So, what inspires you?

The power of failure

The power of failure.

Failure teaches me to try, whenever I don’t succeed.

Failure teaches me to strive harder the next time.

Failure gives me a chance to fall down, maybe on my knees.

Failure gives me the strength to rise up with all my vigour and zeal.

Failure demands me never to give up.

Failure paves my path of life.

Failure decides my destiny.

Failure gives me the power of determination.

Failure makes me successful not once, but as many times as I fail.

Failure makes me an experienced person.

Failure is a great teacher to make me learn from different situations.

Failure pushes me to the wall, and helps me to come back with a grand entrance to life.

Failure is the reality of life.

Failure churns the level of my perseverance.

Failure challenges my will power.

Failure brings opportunity for me develop new skills.

Failure helps me to explore a new me.

Failure strengthens my character.

Failure is my golden armour to success.

Failure demands continued axing on that golden armour.

Failure is not easily breakable.

Failure is the only formula to success.

Sometimes I think what if I don’t fail; how great would that be?

I would have lived a life without any experiences,

I would be a successful person without any failures.

Then I think, better for me to fail to be an experienced person; than not to fail at all and be a successful person.

The tail of rainbow

The tail of rainbow.

As little Lola was playing in the park, something caught her eyes. It was a beautiful band of colours and she started wondering what is this beautiful ribbon of colours. She ran up to her grandpa and said, “Look, grandpa what is this colourful thing”.

Grandpa said,” It is a rainbow, my dear”.

She simply gasped at the sky and said, “Wow!”. There was a shine of curiosity in her eyes and she started showering questions at her grandpa.

Lola: “What is a rainbow? How is it so colourful? Why is it in the sky? Why does it have so many colours?

Grandpa knew that he had to suffice the curiosity of her loving and only grandchild. He knew that only a story would satisfy her appetite of curiosity. So, he said,”Well! Lola do you want to hear a story?”

Lola jumped with joy because she loved stories.

She said, “Yes, grandpa please tell me.”

Grandpa said, “Do you know where God lives?”

She said,” Yes, he stays up in the heaven, in the sky( as she pointed towards the sky)”.

Grandpa said,” Do you know Mrs. James?”

Lola said, “Yes! I know her she’s our office teacher and I like her. She gives us chocolates, colour pencils and sometimes she plays with us when our teacher is absent.”

Grandpa said,” Very well! Well, you see Lola God stays in heaven and right above us he has his workers like your office teacher.

Lola said,” Oh! You mean office angels.”

Grandpa:” what?”

She said,” Well grandma says angels are always there for God’s work. So, if he sits in his office in heaven like my principal, then right above us would be office angels like my office teacher.”

Grandpa was impressed and said Lola you have become very smart.

She gave a sweet smile at the compliment.

Grandpa said, “You see there are four office angels for all the four directions: north, south, east and west. They keep on checking the water levels in the rivers, lakes and other water bodies. They also see if the humans, plants and animals need water or not. And wherever or whenever there is a need for water they spring into action.”

Grandpa explained further, “they have huge barrels of water, and when they see the need for water they start rolling these drums. As these barrels are huge they require the assistance of at least three to five angels to keep the barrels at the spot where the rain is needed. These moving barrels are the sounds of thunder. There is huge commotion up there and at times these barrels collide with each other and there is lightning.

Little Lola was listening to all this with great attention. It looked as if she was imagining the whole thing.

Grandpa continued, “Then cherubs and cupids are called and they are asked to shoot at the drums with their bows and arrows. Sometimes a mischievous lot would shoot too much and make too many holes in the barrels making it rain for days and hours.

Grandpa said,” You see this is how it rains.”

Lola said,”Oh! But what about the colourful tail, how does it appear in the sky?”

Grandpa said,” Yes, coming to that. You see when these angels are moving these huge barrels; it’s a frenzy act and a lot of commotion. It is just like too many cars on the street. Sometimes the angels are hurt. They break their wings or a feather or two would fall to the earth. When it has rained enough and the sun shines it reflects on these feathers. The feathers are beautiful and white and sparkling pieces of mirror. And as the sun’s rays touch these feathers they start glowing beautiful colours in the form of a rainbow.”

Lola looked up at the sky with a smile and saw that the rainbow was fading away.

She said,” Look grandpa, why is it disappearing?”

Grandpa said,” Lola you see it is a feather of an angel and it can’t stay for long. The feather melts away as the sun becomes strong; and with the melting of the feather the rainbow also melts away.”

Lola looked at the disappearing rainbow. She smiled at it as it vanished away. With a sigh she said,” just like an ice cream.”

Grandpa sensed sadness in her tone and face. He said,” Don’t worry there will be a rainbow next time when it rains.”

Lola’s face brightened up with a smile. She knew now that as the rainbow was a part of an angel she would look for it and know that the angels are blessing her in some way.

Smile an everlasting smile

Smile an everlasting smile

“Smile an everlasting smile…” these are not just words from a song. I’ve always thought why is it difficult to wear a smile. Although sometimes it appears on our faces without any hesitation and other times it is equally burdensome.

I know of someone whose life is not going uphill in terms of career or personal life and she is very depressed. I remember her; she was the same person who used to enjoy life to the fullest. I can sense the sadness in her tone. So one day I asked her, “Why don’t you smile?” And she said,”I can’t”. I told her but you should at least try. She said,” I don’t know, I can’t. It is very hard. Even if I try to, it is very difficult.”

This dialogue with her made me thinking that is it possible not to smile. Can it be so difficult to wear a smile? People say “laughter is the best medicine” and I truly believe that. You can’t laugh all the time and so I’m a big fan of a simple smile. Nothing else will brighten your day like a simple smile.

One of the things that I like to do early in the morning is walk up to the mirror and simply smile at myself. Unlike my friend even I was not doing great in the two quadrants of life: career and relationship.  All of a sudden I could feel that my heart had gained weight and it was sinking and corroding me from inside. I don’t know about looking but I used to feel that I was five times older than usual (of course! without any experience or my actual age being that old). To be honest I didn’t like this new version of me. I think most of the people would agree to my condition because there are times when things do not go your way and this is exactly how someone or most of us would feel. So I started to find ways to pull myself back to the old me that I had known for so many years.

I started reading motivational books, watch motivational CD’s I also started tracing steps of influential people who withstood hard times; but nothing was helping me much and I kept going back to the gloomy me. I realized that I was spending most of my time inside the house, so, I decided to move out. I made it a routine to go out in the park at least once in the day.

The park not only used to fill me with a new refreshing energy but it pleased my heart as well. I used to sit an enjoy the children playing and laughing, the dogs taking a walk with their owners, youngsters and old walking and exercising  to keep themselves fit and healthy. I couldn’t stop myself from going to the park. But there was still some sadness in my heart.

As one day I was sitting in the park bench a small child came up to me, and she simply smiled at me. I couldn’t stop myself and returned her smile. In that moment something had changed and I could feel that I was not trying to smile but genuinely smile at her. It was a miracle moment for me because my heart was also smiling with me and I felt light as a feather. I kept smiling that entire day.

The next morning when I got up and was accidentally standing in front of the mirror I could see a faint smile on my face. I could see the change in me and around me. That smile had not only brightened my day but also brought a new and better version of me.

From that day on wards I decided that the first thing I’ll do after getting up would be to look at my reflection on the mirror and smile. It has almost been one year and I’ve kept up with this routine till date. I think it is just a way of greeting me and wishing a great day ahead. I would agree that sometimes when the life doesn’t go my way I become sad but I’ve found out a trick to keep smiling and keep myself happy. I just have to remember the innocent smile of that girl who walked up to me in the park, and I have a smile on my face (Sometimes I think what if the smile of that girl fades away from my memory what will I do then. Simple I’ll look for another innocent smile; the world is big enough to find one).

I’ve realized that a smile is just like a flower; the freshness and the fragrance of which spreads from your heart to your face. But when times are difficult you could just wear a smile and your heart would bloom with joy (not to mention that you would look younger).

Food for my mind and soul

Food for my mind and soul.

Most of the times I have my timely meals in a day, and I wonder why do I have it?

Well! The simple answer will be to keep myself alive. But then I thought it’s not only that; it’s also to taste different things. Being a toddler the first thing we do is to see and listen and finally taste. I would say that a toddler starts tasting everything from edible to non edible items. Then slowly we start eating.

I have realized that the way eating keeps me alive, the same way reading keeps my mind alive.

When we go to kindergarten we get the taste of letters. Then as we grow old enough to read, we start tasting the edible and non edible items related to reading materials. Sometimes they would be funny cartoons and we just like the bright colours or sometimes it could be a story with a moral.

The whole idea is to keep on reading and eating all the knowledge that we gather throughout the course of our life. Unlike a healthy diet that we follow to keep or body fit we should read healthy to keep our mind healthy. We should try each and every cuisine but abstain ourselves from junk food. Or should I say too much of anything could be bad.

I could say that the pleasures of reading books are divine. I know I’m not being judged, but on the other hand I can judge a book or the cover of the book. I can say that I trust someone- and that someone can be a book. It will not leave me anywhere, as it sits quietly in my bag. I always keep a book in my bag. Whenever I’m lonely, alone or idle I simply take my book out of the bag and start reading. It is almost like a jinni getting out of the lamp. Books don’t cancel on you or judge you neither do they abandon you. They are just there.

They sit quietly at your shelves, waiting for their turn to be held by you and read by you. I like to read and nothing makes me feel better than that (of course something that makes my tummy feel better is chicken curry prepared by my mother). Therefore not a day goes by without reading, and so I can say that it is a food for my mind and soul.

Who Am I?

In the solitude of me,

I saw myself.

In the solitude of me,

I asked myself, who am I?

The answer was nothing more than the solitude of me.

In the likeness of others,

I like myself.

In the dislike of others,

I dislike myself.

Who am I?

I no longer know.

I seek for an answer,

I demand for an answer.

When I no longer get the answers from around me,

I stop, I think and then I know

I’m nobody.