Shoes without socks



I just love to wear shoes without socks. It doesn’t bother me much how it appears but I feel good. I remember I’d always wanted to do it since I was a child, but someone kept me from doing so. You might ask who?

“Where do you think you’re going, without wearing socks? You need to wear socks with your shoes.” These were the words that mother used to shoot at me, if she saw me going out in shoes without a pair of socks.

Back then, as a child I was far behind the understanding of mannerism; so mostly I did what I was asked to do. Secondly, I was of course intimidated by my mother (not that she was scary, but she knew how to play a good mother and a bad mother, depending on the time). And thirdly, the idea of punishment did not seem exciting.

But now, the child that I’m has become a free fighter and a risk taker. Out of the many things that I wanted to do my way, this was certainly on my list.

As I go through my footwear: slippers, boots, sandals and shoes and decide what to wear or what not wear. I’m asked to think,” what pleasure does Mr. Shoes have for getting the company of Ms Socks? And why are others deprived of the comfort and cozy friendship of Ms Socks?”

Well! I have no idea but they certainly get the best pair award. And who could argue, they have been sitting in our wardrobes, like Harry met Sally that we dare not mess with the pair. I think to match socks with any other than shoes might be a question of simple appearance or I don’t bother attitude or may be some weather condition. Most of the people would like to go with the first (because appearance does count). However, I would go with the second (some lost flocks would go with this one also).

I simply like to slip my feet into the shoes and go out on a wander trail with my shoes, leaving behind the pair of socks all by themselves at home. I think it saves my time and the burden of sitting and pulling up my socks (as in literally and in great effort). It can be another way of saying that I’m a free spirited person. Or, allowing my brain cells to rest without being bothered while doing something that I’d always wanted to do my way.

A few days back I went on a stroll with my usual companion, and on the way I met Ms. Looks. She is someone who likes to do the things simply, because they are meant to be done that way. Apart from that she is just my park buddy (we walk together nothing more nothing less). She greeted me with a smile. All of a sudden, I could see my mother staring through her eyes, as she rolled her eyes looking, from my face to my feet and back to my face. At that moment we exchanged looks and speeding thoughts. Right at that moment, my face with a gentle smile and innocent eyes gave a look that said,”hey! I don’t care”.

I didn’t know that it could be so difficult a thing to do such a small thing your way. But when I did, what I did, I could sense a little bird in me that flew free for a while. I’m still half way through on the list of things I want to do my way.

17 thoughts on “Shoes without socks

  1. I love this post. It is so powerful to do things our way. Hearty cheers for you. I know what you mean that just a tiny difference can make people feel unsettled. It’s strange!! 😉 Thank you for another brilliant post.


  2. Bravo for you! You join a long line of free thinkers who don’t wear socks–including Albert Einstein. Hooray for doing it your way! It’s not my way, but I’m fine with that!!


  3. Lovely post! I know runners who don’t wear socks. I’m kind of in the socks-wearing camp nowadays, but I don’t tend to force it on other people. I should probably be “freer” with the kids at times than I am, because I don’t always let them go sockless/shoeless outside either. I think I just feel more comfortable in socks these days, especially given how easily I get cold (and I don’t like the way my feet look). My family sometimes make fun of me, good-naturedly, because I would prefer to wear my running or some comfortable tennis shoes all the time, but I’m trying to keep the house clean, so it’s no shoes in here. There is definitely something to be said for doing it your way; probably why I left my parents’ home when I was (somewhat) young.


    • Hi Leigh, it’s so good to hear your thoughts. I really like the not forcing attitude of yours- live and let live. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so keep your comfortable shoes on no matter what anyone says. A lady of the house will do anything to keep her house clean. After all we have to think about that- cleanliness. 😉
      My mom keeps on and on about keeping the house clean. So when she visits me, I start a few days before she reaches…cleaning the house, kitchen, bathrooms, vases, shelves…And by the time she reaches I’m done. What do you do when you expect your parents, specially your mom or MIL?


  4. I can’t do it. I can’t even wear my Uggs, which are supposed to be worn without socks, that way. I wasn’t raised to wear socks in my shoes. It is just something I do. I won’t let my son out of the house without socks on either LOL. I like socks though. I even wear them around the house. It’s shoes I don’t like LOL


    • Couldn’t agree less, Karen.:) I lived half of my life “thinking about others” that too when I knew there was nothing wrong in what I was doing. And finally I decided not to care about “the others”.
      I’m so happy for you.


  5. Love this. Being able to express your personality in a simple way uplifts.
    I belong to the No Sock camp, really it’s an effort to wear them.
    I enjoy just letting my toes breathe it’s priceless.


  6. This post is wonderful! It showcases how focused on ‘appearance’ most of the world is. It’s the little things – like your ‘I’m NOT wearing socks with my shoes’ that start to crack that hardened facade.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog page, and thus introduce yourself through the electronic equivalent of the community square.
    Oh…and I’ve recently taken to wearing my boots without socks 😀


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Isn’t blogging amazing it introduces you to so many new people and new blogs.
      Ooops! so your boots are going to miss socks, I guess. 😉
      Thanks for tagging along, Peg. I’ll surely visit your blog, too.


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