Fear of failure, will prevent you from victory

Fear of falling, will prevent you from flying.

Fear of distress, will prevent you from hoping.

Fear of speaking, will prevent you from being heard.

Fear of not making an impression, will prevent you from making a lasting impression.

Fear of learning, will prevent you from evolving.

Fear of planning, will prevent you from becoming a visionary.

Fear of listening, will prevent you from knowing the truthful facts.

Fear of losing, will prevent you from gaining.

Fear of risking, will prevent you from investing.


Fear of creativity, will prevent you from innovation.

Fear of fearing, will prevent you from the freedom of thoughts, words and actions.

Fear of most of the things, will prevent you from living your life.

Fear of enjoying, will prevent you from living your life.

5 thoughts on “F FOR FEAR OR FREEDOM

  1. clayton paul says:

    This is so good! More importantly, it is so right. Fear is a beast which we fall to often, myself included! We must find ways to battle against it before it steals away the important things in our lives and in ourselves…



      • clayton paul says:

        I have much to deal with in this area myself! I allowed fear to be a controlling menace all of my years growing up. It destroyed many opportunities for me because I let it do so!

        Let me encourage all people to identify and attack their fears as best they can. It should be on everyone’s self-improvement list, in my opinion.

        Have a super, (fearless), day Norma!

        Clayton 🙂


      • clayton paul says:

        Fears are “life wreakers!” Yet, fear stands near the top of the list of things we push aside and avoid!

        That’s probably because they are sooo hard to face for most all of us! It’ so sad…

        Maybe if we started with “smaller” fears, and tried to gain some confidence in overcoming those, we could work our way up to the bigger and more important ones.

        Something to think about…

        Clayton 🙂


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