When I first saw this guy ( not the one above) at office I just thought, “Who is he?” Then sometime later we were introduced, and I got to know that he had joined our team as a Training Manager. After few months we became good collogues.

Very soon my collogue had a very tired look on his face. From talking to him I gathered that he was working three jobs for one. As a training manager he was required to train and delegate the other trainers other than that he was also required to go in for sales meetings and then design and develop the contents.

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I asked him, “Then why don’t you look for something else?”

To this he simply answered,” I have been looking for something for the past one year. This is still better than my previous job and they are paying me more.”

Then why are you sad,” I asked.

I’m not sad I’m just a bit tired because my “to do list” doesn’t decrease by the end of the day it just increases,” he said.

After few weeks I ran into him. He looked happier.

“What’s the matter you look happier than earlier, have they increased your pay or given you an assistant?” I inquired.

He just smiled and said, “No I’ve got used to it now. I’m multi-tasking like all.”

I guess he was right. We all are multi-tasking these days whether given a choice or not.


Whenever I seen him now the image of “SUPERMAN” pops into my head. I just hope that I don’t start singing- Superman, superman, superman. (As far as it is in my head I’m ok with it but not out loud).

As a child, superman was always my favourite action hero. Apart from the catchy jingle I was attracted to the strong jaw line and powerful muscles of the SUPERMAN.

Now I’ve understood that you don’t need a catchy jingle or a good physique or even his body clinging dress with “S” written on it to be a superman. (You would be happy to know that these days he has changed his looks from average looking to charismatic. He doesn’t need his blue and red dress with “S” inscribed on it. He could appear in a formal suit or pair blue jeans with a T-shirt of his choice. You would be happy to know that he has changed his gender too it is no longer he it could be a she as well. The reason why I say so is because everyone (men or women) is multi-tasking these days and therefore to me seems to be “my action hero-SUPERMAN”. Whether at home or work everyone is multi tasking. You are not given an option to choose from you just have to do it.

In this fast forwarded life of ours, if it’s not the will and strong determination of a superman that keeps us going, then who or what is it? Unlike the superman we are also ready to protect our family (both at work and home), build our houses and company and keep the bad guys at bay (in office and at home).

Therefore, I salute the SUPERMAN in each and every person of this generation .

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