The ghost of a New Year Resolution



It’s here again. What should I do? Oh my God! it’s happening again. What you may ask? Of course! the beginning of the YEAR. What comes at the beginning of the New Year….uumh…aaa….ok…”NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”. I guess the question that everyone is asking these days or probably a month back was “What is your new year resolution?”A few days back even I was asked the same question.

Let’s just say, that I’m not a very big fan of New Year resolutions. It’s difficult to keep up with them. I don’t know about you, but it’s too much work for me. Although, I like the spirit that goes in the making of “THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”. Some people are just so excited about it; and the others don’t care at all.

Well! I fall somewhere in the middle category, because I like to see the others making the resolutions; and sometimes would happily support them. They are all pumped up with the excitement and enthusiasm. So, what goes in the making of it? First comes the list. Then you check if the list is too long or not, if it is then you just scratch away a few from the list. Then, you hit the panic button when the calendar hits 1st of January. You are aware of the list, you are aware of it all the time as if some eye is watching you. You may carry on for a few days (in the spirit of enthusiasm), may be weeks or maximum a few months (which is very rare).

I’ve hardly heard anyone saying,”Oh! This is my resolution for this year?” towards the end of year.The whole point is why trouble yourself and later feel guilty or ashamed. If you feel nothing that’s good I would say. I had kept it once, but the burden of not staying faithful to my own list was very hard. I can say it was like a ghost lurking behind me. And every time I broke my resolution, I felt that I’ve cheated myself. It’s good to cheat on self because you are able to do both: justify and feel guilty. The result is: the scale is balanced.

New Year is the time to party hard, welcome the year which is to come and stay and say bye to the old year. The brief moment where in you decide your resolutions should be kept for enjoying with your friends or family. After all you cannot celebrate New Year every day.