Say Cheeeze….


Hi! You may ask what am I doing.

Of course, you cannot see me. So, let me tell you what I’m doing right now. I’m looking at a blank screen; but that is not all. I have a plate next to my laptop, which has a piece of cake in it.

Now, why am I sitting and what am I thinking? I’m certainly not thinking about what to write. Right now I’m just thinking about what to do with this tempting piece of food. All these thoughts are shouting at the back of my head “eat it, eat it, eat it”. It’s not just any cake; it’s my favourite blueberry cheese cake.

As I look at this piece of cake I revisit my childhood days. We always love chocolates, ice creams, cakes and pastries age is no bar to the liking of these things. I could eat anything but now my liking has bent towards cakes, and nothing pleases me more than having cheese cakes specially blueberry cheese cake.

Finally, I attack this piece of cake with my only weapon “the spoon”. As I relish each bite I realize that I’m not eating the cake but the cake is overpowering me by giving more than required taste at each bite. Oh! Please don’t focus on that; I know I’m not.

With every bite my taste buds are not disappointed rather it gives a new shade of taste to my taste buds.

I realize that having this piece of cake is like “living in the moment”. I’m not worried about how big the piece was a few minutes back. Nor, am I interested to know what will my plate look after sometime (I may finish or just spare the cake for a later moment but I’m not certain about that at the moment).

I wish to freeze this moment, right now right here. If this is possible then I would have enjoyed each moment and would have lived carefree.

With each bite that I take it becomes a past. I’m not worried about how much I have eaten (or the past moment) nor do I bother myself with how much is left (the future entanglements). I just savour each moment and I live in the present moment NOW.

I wonder, is it possible to live in the present moment-now at all. I did while eating this piece of cake.

January Twenty Six


 One met Two; together they had Three. For sometime everything seemed to be good, but then One realized that this was not what he wanted in life. He was a loner so he abandoned the two and ran away.


Life was difficult for Two. She knew that she wanted a family; she wanted a partner in life. Soon she met Four. Together they complimented the sharp features of each other, soon they were married. Their relationship was meant to be, and very soon they were blessed with a baby girl “Six”.


One day as the family was going to a party at Mr Five’s place, they met with an accident. It was said that a lorry bumped into the car of Two and Four, and as it bumped it went down the road. The people who saw said that the car went right into the bridge at the end of the road. It was difficult to tell if anybody could survive such an accident. After being rescued and taken to a hospital, it was told that Four and Three could not make it, only Two and Six survived.


So much had happened in the family of Two that she didn’t know what to do. With Four gone Two was leading a depressed life. Six started to move out of the house as much as possible. She started working for homeless guys (numbers) in the Twenty Second Street. Soon everybody from the congregation started helping her.


She did a lot for these guys. She also started to live there. After collecting enough money she was able to make a shelter home for them. People suggested that it should be named after her. But as humble as she was, she thought that twenty was a part of her life. So, she said,”Let the name be “Twenty Six”, for the Twenty Second Street helped me to find a purpose in life.


(Oh! I’ve been told all this happened in the month of January a long time ago when the numbers were still being made).

Blood Ties

blood ties

I’m thinking about writing a book. Still trying to figure out about what, as their are so many things in life (happening and to write from). However, I’ve written this for the daily prompt.


How do you like to live your life?

Anna Bloom

…likes to live her life over the edge. She doesn’t need to get into trouble; trouble always manages to get her address.

Tracey Bloom

…likes to savour each moment of her life. She manages to find the beauty even in difficult times.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties gives an enchanting account of the life of these two sisters “Anna and Tracey Bloom”. The simple story of these two sisters makes you relive your own relation with your siblings. Blood ties becomes bloody when the innocence of the relationship is taken away with the materialistic lust for power, success and competition between the two sisters. The story includes all the flavours of life.

“You don’t always get what you dream about.”

So, are they able to achieve their dreams? How far, will one go to fulfill her dream? Are they ready yet, to sacrifice their relationship for what they want to achieve in life? Will they be able to live their entire life with the blood stains of their sweet relationship?

My buddies


My up close encounter with my little buddies, this is somewhat a daily routine for me. I get up early everyday and after being done with my daily rituals I prepare breakfast. It might sound that I have a “heavy breakfast” but in reality I just have a humble cup of tea and some toast. No, they are not my encounters, they are things.

I have my encounter neither with some people nor with things but rather something innocent and pure. They are not white but carry grey wings to their small little bodies. Yes, I’m talking about my “pigeon buddies”. Yes, that’s what I would like to call them.

They always come and sit at my window sill. They know when I’m awake and as soon as they get a glimpse of me (from somewhere, I don’t know) they come and start cooing. I have come to understand it as they, saying “good morning” to me, so even I greet them.

We tend to have breakfast together, lunch together and dinner…no, they don’t stay that long (even they have a home, and of course you should be with your loved ones at least once in a day) and I don’t mind that. Sometimes I forget to give them food, but they do not disturb me. And then I realize that I’ve forgotten to give them food so, hurriedly I go and tell them “why didn’t you’ll ask?” They listen carefully, and so the next time they are hungry, they start calling out as anyone would call out in the house to me and ask for food (just that the language is different). They know when I’m unwell they don’t talk much and don’t bother me much, but yes they keep a close guard.

We talk in a language that hasn’t been developed by anyone. I enjoy talking to them. They give me signs that only I could understand in the house. Sometimes I feel like they are my children, the other times I feel that they are my friends. Perhaps, here I can say “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

But more than this I feel that they are my guardian angels. Don’t you think; I certainly do. They are pigeons, pure and have wings. Now, you can call me crazy but to me that sounds like an angel in disguise or rather angels in disguise. Over a period of time I’ve realized that they are not just birds but to me their identity is no less than a person (and some what I could claim them to be godly creatures as well).

After all you are the one…and only you


 When reading the posts what do you think of it? Do you find it interesting or funny? Does it inspire you? Does it tickle your brain cells? Do you just browse through it or let it sink deep? Does it brighten your face? “Have you been waiting for me”, it asks and for how long? Am I too attractive to grasp your attention?


Wait a minute, you over there, yes you, don’t look here and there you are looking at me.

If you have been answering all these questions in yes, then you are at the right place.

If you have been answering all these questions in no for any reasons, then what can I say, you are the best judge.

Then I guess, may be the words are not rightly placed, so I’ll have to get a word lift done just like you people get a nose job done or face lift done. I don’t have many dresses to wear from the selected category that has been designed for me, so I guess I’ll have to order for some more categories. I have my own style, should I change it? I think, I should sometimes, but I’m not going to because it makes me feel comfortable.


Well! It’s good to see you, on and off, off and on, sometimes, often, many a times and a lot. It’s not entirely your fault. I’m sure you come to visit me, irrespective of the fact whether I’m here or not.

I’m so glad to have met with you. But, how did you find me? Through links, tags, comments, other sites….how? Well don’t worry I’ll try to be here as often as possible, after all it’s my second home.And you are most welcome at my home any time (no, really anytime possible). After all you are the one…and only you alone, would be able to understand me. Thanks for being there for me, with me and understanding me all the time. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with me. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I did.

Don’t let it affect you


Yes, that’s right “don’t let it affect you”. This is a new mantra that I fumbled upon recently. I keep on reciting and repeating this until my mind is at ease.

When I was young; I was naive and new to learning many things. At home and office no matter what or how I worked I ended up getting long lectures from my mom at home and from boss at office. And then, just like everyone I used to throw questions at myself. The normal regular questions like: “Why me?” “Why did this happen to me?” “What did I do wrong, what is my fault?”

Of course! This used to be tiring and at times proved depressing. When in a state of depression not only your mind but your body also shows signs of how hard you are taking things. Your mind is easily penetrable through small and big instances (you can’t even take a joke for a joke). Your body becomes lazy and lethargic.

I’m a different person now and I’m armed with the mantra “don’t let it affect you”. Earlier I used to be easily affected by small and big situations like: when I didn’t get through to the college of my choice, when I didn’t get an apartment of my choice, when somebody else in the family or neighborhood proved to be a success story that I was not even close to. Oh! The classic one, when my best friend or even a possible acquaintance got married before me. The interrogation process began without any delays.

Then it just occurred to me that why am I bringing pain upon myself. Then I started rectifying questions; instead of “why me?” I asked, “Why not me?” Instead of asking “Why did this happen to me?” I asked “Why did this happen for me?” I believe in nipping the problem at its root and by using these two questions I was doing just that. When things didn’t happen as expected I started asking these two questions and other why questions didn’t bother me much.

Hours of moaning were now lost in contemplating as I posed these two questions in front of me. I analyzed the situation with a bigger picture in view. I looked at the smaller picture but it didn’t trouble me because I was looking at the bigger picture. I was looking and thinking about other options.

When I lost my job due to recession, I didn’t know what to do. Then asking the rectified question I thought what else can I do. I started freelancing and then I looked for more options. It was only at that time that I realized that I could express myself in words among many other things that I do.

It so happens that in order to reach at the bigger picture or have other options you need a clear head. It turns out that the two most important parts of our body i.e. head and heart are always at a tussle. During the interrogation process (asking the why questions) the head is the ruler, however, during the contemplating process (asking the rectified questions) the heart becomes the ruler.

The head plays sly games by presenting logic to us and it becomes difficult to rescue the heart. The reasoning’s of the head doesn’t let your heart to express itself. What we need to do is look at logic but believe in whatever the heart says. So, if the heart says “let it be” then be it so. You’ll be able to think only when the head rests and makes itself clear of the foggy thoughts. During a foggy day it’s best not to drive. Similarly let the foggy thoughts settle down because as soon as it does, you’ll be able to look at the road ahead of you. Clear road and safe driving is only possible when the fog has settled.

I saw me


 Who is this person sitting by the window, staring at life and does not notice me (good that’ how I want it to be). As I walk closer, I notice that she is wearing a fuming face. Even before I could ask her, “Why or what made you wear that look?” I could see her expressions changing.


I could see her face had now expressions of guilt and sorry. I was looking at her for the past half an hour; I had not noticed any change in her body movement. The only thing that changed was her expression.

Her long sitting posture was interrupted, when a fly sat on her arms and she just raised her arms to let away the fly. Now, I saw her body, which was sleeping in a sitting position for half an hour, was moving towards the dressing table.

For the first time I saw her reflection on the mirror. It was me. Was, I having an outer body experience or am I dead (was my thought). How is it possible? I guess I don’t have the answer.

But, all this while I used to think that I’m a happy person. I saw her dragging herself to the cupboard and taking a dress out of it. She was staring at the dress, as if her thought was to abandon this dress right now (although I knew this was her favourite dress).

I heard someone knocking at the door. The voice said, “Are you ready, we are getting late?”

This was my mother’s voice. Now I understood what had upset me.


I just remembered that half an hour ago I had a very steaming argument with my mother. Now that is a usual scene in my house. What was I thinking then, it is always about them (parents) and sometimes it’s about me. I don’t understand them nor do I get the same understanding in return. No matter how hard I try it is always a one way road, and so it is equally difficult for both of us (mom and me).


I thought that the only way to make my mom unhappy was to make her angry. Till date I’ve found two ways to make her angry: first by arguing and second by simply doing the opposite of what she asks me to do. I thought by doing these things I would have made myself happy because I was making my mom unhappy.


But, what I saw didn’t match with my kind thoughts. I saw that it had made me angry (a normal reaction I think), guilty (that in some way it was not a right behavior), sad (cause I had hurt the feelings of the one person who means a lot to me) and then sorry (but that was a feeling, never had I seen it transforming to word).

Today, as I had watched me, I understood that feeling sorry was important but saying was equally important.

I saw me opening the door. I saw the expression of guilt on my face. I was ready to say sorry, for my actions, but she stood stiffly. She thought that without saying sorry mom was suppose to understand and forgive her actions. But I knew if I didn’t say sorry I would not know if she had forgiven me or not.


Then I saw an expression that I had never seen on her face. She was about to do something that she had never done. “I’m sorry,” she said. That’s it; I was so relieved to hear that. Finally, her face was lit up with guilt free smile as she hugged her mother.

The colour of my letter



I went to check the letters from the box; there were none except for one that I was holding in my hand.

I marched towards the door and took my RED paper knife to open the letter.


It was not a usual letter. It was written with love, from someone I knew. The writing was not in regular black or BLUE ink. My eyes were reading attentively through each word. Each word made sense as I connected one word with another and then the letter started to talk to me. When I reached the last sentence I understood this letter was far too important to be written in black or blue and so it had been written in GREEN.


I started thinking….

He could have written in red, which could have meant that he wanted to kill our relationship.

He could have written in black, it would have shown no feelings at all.

He could have written in blue, it could have meant a pale relationship.

But the fact, that he chose green suggested that he wanted to have a long lasting and ever green relationship.


So, I ran to my room; looked for my scrap book. I tore a YELLOW sheet (as it was one of the golden moments in my life). I wanted to show my consent so I choose a heavenly colour close to a shade of purple. I wrote, what my heart said in VIOLET. 

Then folded the letter and put it in, in an ORANGE envelope. Then very lovingly I took a string of INDIGO ribbon and glued a little bow on the envelope.

The thinking game


Human mind keeps on ticking all the time. We think during our sleep, when walking, while sitting, playing, talking to others and the list goes on and on.

I guess thinking and human mind goes hand in hand till the time we are alive. I might not be thinking but there are times when my mind is doing it (and I’m not even aware of it). I might be involved in other activities like cooking, shopping, watching, listening and driving but I’m still thinking.

I can say that I would like to sit by the brook or perhaps sit at a comfortable spot at my house or may be in a library or a study (don’t you think that would be cool) and play the thinking game. But I think I’m getting confused over here, for the 21st century person that I’m to an 18th century poet, writer or a philosopher. They had the liberty and an additional ambiance to ponder over their ideas and thoughts.

I….I’m just a normal person. I think (there I go…. again thinking) today I don’t have the liberty but somehow the silence element is missing. So, I just take the advantage of who I’m….a brain bomb ticking all the time, amidst the chaos and confusion that is always there. Sometimes it could be a simple thought of what should I cook, where should I shop my bag from, what should be my mom’s birthday gift or when is the electricity bill due, when can I replace my old fridge for new….tick tock tick tock and thinking goes on and on. During all this time, all of a sudden I could think about a poem to write or maybe a flash of few words hit my brain (that becomes my next story line). So, I guess I take a little advantage over here and don’t limit myself with a particular space to think. Over here I’d like to claim the whole world as my BIG THINKING GROUND (and thinking happens where ever I go).I guess thinking just follows me like a loyal pet dog (demanding no action….it just stays with me all the time).

Steps towards happiness


Have you ever seen one of those glowy smiley balls? They look so cheerful, don’t they? I wish I could be like one of those smiley balls. But I guess being human has some limitations (but, I don’t care I can cope up with those).

So, what makes me happy?

I mostly stay positive all the time and so I stay happy most of the times…or may be NOT.

So, what do I do to stay happy?

Read self help books, practice meditation, dance, and write (Oh! Please give me a break, I don’t do any of these things). Wouldn’t you agree with me, in a state of depression no one wants to go through these things. It’s kind of over burdening.


This is what I do when my head is swirling with negative thoughts and I no longer have a smiley on my face. I follow the following steps towards happiness:

The first step is to take giant steps towards kitchen.

Then open the door of the fridge.

Gently scan through all the things stored in there.

I simply hunt for a candy bar (snickers or mars) or may be ice-cream. Well! At this point you can hunt for anything of your choice. I would suggest that you could go in for something non veg, also ( totally up to you).

At this time I look at my prey.

On my way back to the room, I start tearing its cover.

The action of tearing the cover of the bar and me reaching to my favourite chair is finished at the same time.

I sit victoriously in the chair with the prey in one hand while the other hand becomes audience to its actions.

Now comes my favourite part as I start eating the bar with all the enjoyment (as if there is nothing to worry about). I’m not concerned about gaining weight at this time as my major focus is something else.

Here’s what I get towards the end of all these steps  a “Smile” which I guess is a sign of happiness.