The thinking game


Human mind keeps on ticking all the time. We think during our sleep, when walking, while sitting, playing, talking to others and the list goes on and on.

I guess thinking and human mind goes hand in hand till the time we are alive. I might not be thinking but there are times when my mind is doing it (and I’m not even aware of it). I might be involved in other activities like cooking, shopping, watching, listening and driving but I’m still thinking.

I can say that I would like to sit by the brook or perhaps sit at a comfortable spot at my house or may be in a library or a study (don’t you think that would be cool) and play the thinking game. But I think I’m getting confused over here, for the 21st century person that I’m to an 18th century poet, writer or a philosopher. They had the liberty and an additional ambiance to ponder over their ideas and thoughts.

I….I’m just a normal person. I think (there I go…. again thinking) today I don’t have the liberty but somehow the silence element is missing. So, I just take the advantage of who I’m….a brain bomb ticking all the time, amidst the chaos and confusion that is always there. Sometimes it could be a simple thought of what should I cook, where should I shop my bag from, what should be my mom’s birthday gift or when is the electricity bill due, when can I replace my old fridge for new….tick tock tick tock and thinking goes on and on. During all this time, all of a sudden I could think about a poem to write or maybe a flash of few words hit my brain (that becomes my next story line). So, I guess I take a little advantage over here and don’t limit myself with a particular space to think. Over here I’d like to claim the whole world as my BIG THINKING GROUND (and thinking happens where ever I go).I guess thinking just follows me like a loyal pet dog (demanding no action….it just stays with me all the time).