After all you are the one…and only you


 When reading the posts what do you think of it? Do you find it interesting or funny? Does it inspire you? Does it tickle your brain cells? Do you just browse through it or let it sink deep? Does it brighten your face? “Have you been waiting for me”, it asks and for how long? Am I too attractive to grasp your attention?


Wait a minute, you over there, yes you, don’t look here and there you are looking at me.

If you have been answering all these questions in yes, then you are at the right place.

If you have been answering all these questions in no for any reasons, then what can I say, you are the best judge.

Then I guess, may be the words are not rightly placed, so I’ll have to get a word lift done just like you people get a nose job done or face lift done. I don’t have many dresses to wear from the selected category that has been designed for me, so I guess I’ll have to order for some more categories. I have my own style, should I change it? I think, I should sometimes, but I’m not going to because it makes me feel comfortable.


Well! It’s good to see you, on and off, off and on, sometimes, often, many a times and a lot. It’s not entirely your fault. I’m sure you come to visit me, irrespective of the fact whether I’m here or not.

I’m so glad to have met with you. But, how did you find me? Through links, tags, comments, other sites….how? Well don’t worry I’ll try to be here as often as possible, after all it’s my second home.And you are most welcome at my home any time (no, really anytime possible). After all you are the one…and only you alone, would be able to understand me. Thanks for being there for me, with me and understanding me all the time. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with me. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I did.


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