Blood Ties

blood ties

I’m thinking about writing a book. Still trying to figure out about what, as their are so many things in life (happening and to write from). However, I’ve written this for the daily prompt.


How do you like to live your life?

Anna Bloom

…likes to live her life over the edge. She doesn’t need to get into trouble; trouble always manages to get her address.

Tracey Bloom

…likes to savour each moment of her life. She manages to find the beauty even in difficult times.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties gives an enchanting account of the life of these two sisters “Anna and Tracey Bloom”. The simple story of these two sisters makes you relive your own relation with your siblings. Blood ties becomes bloody when the innocence of the relationship is taken away with the materialistic lust for power, success and competition between the two sisters. The story includes all the flavours of life.

“You don’t always get what you dream about.”

So, are they able to achieve their dreams? How far, will one go to fulfill her dream? Are they ready yet, to sacrifice their relationship for what they want to achieve in life? Will they be able to live their entire life with the blood stains of their sweet relationship?

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