January Twenty Six


 One met Two; together they had Three. For sometime everything seemed to be good, but then One realized that this was not what he wanted in life. He was a loner so he abandoned the two and ran away.


Life was difficult for Two. She knew that she wanted a family; she wanted a partner in life. Soon she met Four. Together they complimented the sharp features of each other, soon they were married. Their relationship was meant to be, and very soon they were blessed with a baby girl “Six”.


One day as the family was going to a party at Mr Five’s place, they met with an accident. It was said that a lorry bumped into the car of Two and Four, and as it bumped it went down the road. The people who saw said that the car went right into the bridge at the end of the road. It was difficult to tell if anybody could survive such an accident. After being rescued and taken to a hospital, it was told that Four and Three could not make it, only Two and Six survived.


So much had happened in the family of Two that she didn’t know what to do. With Four gone Two was leading a depressed life. Six started to move out of the house as much as possible. She started working for homeless guys (numbers) in the Twenty Second Street. Soon everybody from the congregation started helping her.


She did a lot for these guys. She also started to live there. After collecting enough money she was able to make a shelter home for them. People suggested that it should be named after her. But as humble as she was, she thought that twenty was a part of her life. So, she said,”Let the name be “Twenty Six”, for the Twenty Second Street helped me to find a purpose in life.


(Oh! I’ve been told all this happened in the month of January a long time ago when the numbers were still being made).