The Sunshine Award


Today was just another day, until I checked my blog which had a hidden surprise for me by one of my fellow bloggers. I would like to thank Kirstan for sharing “The Sunshine Award” with me. I found her through freshly pressed for “Falling For An Amish Boy”. I read it, and instantly started following her. If you are wondering what made me do so, I would suggest you to visit her at

Blogging has helped me to find lovely people who share their stories, thoughts and views. During my short blogging journey I’ve found people whose stories make me happy, sometimes it is emotional and sometimes it is just a light read. As “The Sunshine Award” is for bloggers who positively and creatively inspire other bloggers; I would like to share this award with some of my fellow bloggers whose reads inspires me in some or the other way. I hope you also find inspiration when you read their blogs. Each has a different approach to life and a different style of presenting it.

If you would like to accept the nomination you could write a post about the award. Tell who nominated you and pass the award along to the others. You could also share some fun facts that the others might not know about you.

Now some fun facts about me:

  1. I have jet black hair.
  2. I love to travel to places and know about people and their cultures.
  3. Once I saved a small little bird when it dashed into the windshield of our car while the car was moving. It was badly hurt. I thought it would die. But I held it and kept praying. I saw it open its eyes and I let it fly.
  4. I don’t love cooking, but I always surprise myself along with others when I cook and people praise it.
  5. I love the idea of me sitting behind the wheels of a car as I’m very scared of driving.
  6. I love to get up early in the mornings, but don’t always sleep early at nights.
  7. I only listen to gossip when it benefits me and not harm others.
  8. I can keep secrets; so much so that I could forget what you said or where did I hide my secret pouch of money.
  9. I don’t like celebrations but I love it when people have a reason to be happy.
  10. I like to stay happy as it attracts positive energy not only for me but also for others who surround me.

Cheers! see you soon, till then just enjoy your life. 🙂