A letter- to My Valentine

In response to: writing-challenge-valentine

Dear Love,

You are the most important person in my life. You came into my life almost eight years ago. Don’t ask me what all things you brought along the way.

I used to be all by myself, you changed that.

I used to get very angry, very quickly, you became my anti-angry pills.

I never used to smile, thinking it is not important; you showed and told me the importance of my smile.

I used to cry when I failed at things, you gave me the courage and became my pillow to cry.

I used to be stubborn at times; you understood and tolerated me during those times.

For me, life came in a box mentioned “handle with care”; you suggested to me to break this box and live out of this box. You taught me to enjoy every moment of my life.

You made me a person that I had never thought of or intended to become.

Over these many years I can’t say what our relationship has become. I think it has become stronger than ever. When I first saw you, yes I just saw you, and passed away. I didn’t have a time machine, then, to see that it will only be you in my future.

Together over the years we have come to know each other more, than we know about ourselves.

Together we have seen good and bad days.

Together we have quit from our jobs. Together we have looked for jobs.

Together we have waited for our career launch.

Together we have fought over things like cats and dogs.

Together we have played the game of silence after each fight.

Together we came a little closer after our fight turning into silence and finally silence being filled with true understanding.

Together we have balanced our life with the right amounts of feelings, emotions, understanding and the most important of all love.

You know that I don’t believe in any “special days”.  Firstly because I don’t remember any dates; I simply forget, even if I mark it on a calendar. Secondly I believe that every day is special since you are with me.

With you, every day and every moment of my life has become special.

With you in my life I don’t need any occasions to celebrate.

With you in my life I don’t need a reason to rejoice.

With you in my life every day is a party.

With you in my life I feel special.

With you in my life I don’t need anything or anyone else.

With you and only you in my life I feel that I’ve lived all my lives in one life.

With you in my life I don’t have to go any other way, because I know all the ways would lead to you.

With you in my life and my heart I know that we are connected and cannot stay apart.

So, here I’m writing to you to show how important you are to me. I thought that you should know, as it is sometimes important to show.


Truly yours.