Legacy to leave or live

What did I bring with me?

Nothing other than me.

What will I take with me?

Nothing other than me.


But by the time I leave;

I would have lived an entire life.

Would I have left anything behind?

Or, would I have taken everything along.

I don’t know;

Who, will know?


The unknown will have an account for everything.

I will, not have built a mausoleum of love;

A Taj Mahal to be gazed by loving surprise.

I will, not have painted a puzzled smile of the century.

A Leonardo’s Mona Lisa,

The mystery of painting or the mystery of your sight.


I will have tried to touch,

Every heart with kind words.

I will have tried to paint;

Every heart with a tender smile.


Wealth can be acquired and lost;

Things can be constructed and destroyed.

Good deeds done to be remembered.

Always, they are to stay.


It will have spread like wild flowers on the earth.

The smell so sweet and colours so vibrant;

That I will see from far across a distant land.

So, will I have left a legacy;

Or lived one.

I will see in the eyes of someone.


Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

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