Vice and Virtue is mine

Human is born.

Free of vice;

not possessing any virtue.

A pure soul is called a child.

“Children are angles from heaven above,” they say.


Child is radiant, kind, humble, honest,

free from lust; only owns love.

A few qualities to own; makes everyone proud.

Challenge not one but many storm in life.


Qualities fumble.

Innocence lost to desire.

Desire the first step to success.

The very first step to jealousy.


Envy brings more company.

Who can be perfect?

It is not an ideal world.

Desire the strongest vice.

Innocence the humblest virtue.


Desire a true vice or a virtue.

Who can be sure?

Jealousy owns your soul.

The ups and downs of life;

written by vices or virtues owned by me.


One moment they are mine;

the other moment they are yours.

Who can control?


World is the same.

People have changed.

Who am I to blame?

Humans remain humans;

the virtue shines.

Humans turn animals;

the virtue declines.