Twelve year old

The twelve year old that I was, I don’t remember her any more. But I do remember her not to be fun loving (like other kids of her age), not to have many friends, not to be an attention seeker and most definitely not to be a pampered child.

However, she was an obedient kid, a studious kid perhaps and she was a loveable child in the family.

When I look at that twelve year old kid now; I see that she has lost much of her resemblance to me. The only thing common between us is our birthdays and our parents.

 I don’t remember her wearing a smile on her face. I don’t remember her making a list of things to be asked as birthday gifts.

Many things have changed over a period of time and so has she.

“Birthday is a time to eat good food,” she thought and asked her mother to cook something special. And she did get special food to eat on her birthday. Didn’t matter what it was, so far as there was some chicken and rice on the menu her little tummy was content and her heart happy.

For the little twelve year old there was no work other than studying. There were fewer occasions when the bags were opened with the intention to just complete the homework. Birthdays were one such special occasion for her.

School time could not be skipped, but after reaching home began her fun hours. The entire day was lost in playing and watching cartoons until it was dinner time.

After having a good meal it was time for her to go off to sleep.

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