Dream that did not come true

baby elephant

I remember that I ran to my mother and told her that I had seen a small baby elephant.

She asked me with a smile that where had I seen such a thing.

And getting the perfect time to chatter I started off…I saw that I was somewhere. I can’t remember where but there were lots of trees and bushes. It was certainly dark and I could not see much. All of a sudden I saw some light approaching me. I thought it would be a car or something. But I was wrong it was a small baby elephant.

My mom said that’s great you saw an elephant, so it seems that the trip to the zoo really made some impression on you (she understood that I was talking about my dream).

I said yes. But mom we didn’t see any white elephants in the zoo, then why did I see a white baby elephant.

My mom jumped with joy and reconfirmed a white elephant, a white baby elephant.

I didn’t understand what made her so excited all of a sudden. She said it brings good luck.

So, for a twelve year old what could mean good luck? It didn’t mean getting a good paid job back then. It had to be exams, I thought, because I had given my mid terms and my results were due in a week’s time.

Every day past in excitement and certainty, that I will get good marks, because lady luck had favoured me and given me a sign.

The final day arrived when I was to get my results. I was rather disappointed to see the marks. I was definitely not the top student of the class; forget that, I was not even in the top ten.

I remember this dream not because it made an impression in my mind that I had not see a white elephant earlier in life. It didn’t give me a hope that one day I will land up in a jungle or zoo and watch a white elephant. It was able to make an impression because of what I had expected out of the dream.

How could have I achieved something based on my dream; whereas, I had already performed an action to receive what I was to receive. I understood then, that dreams are not reality. They are just an alternative to one reality giving us hope. They can’t have meanings unless you give them one. Dreaming could help, but is fruitless without the efforts. A lit bit of planned efforts and dreaming might take you one step closer to what you want in reality.