Daily Cooking

Do you mean cooking? I mean I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.

What’s exceptional about this love hate relationship is that no matter how hard I try I still find myself in the kitchen. I find myself cooking everyday, chopping, washing, baking and frying. These activities don’t come to a halt…ever. Cooking keeps on…or I find myself cooking everyday… everytime …throughout the year. Sometimes it is frustrating to have repetition on the menu (what can one do if you don’t find veggies in the market or limited veggies or too many can also be a problem sometimes). After all it’s not only cooking, you need to buy the raw material to reach to the finished product, which in this case is the dish. It is not an eight hour shift (that’s good news). I just need two hours or three hours or sometimes half an hour to cook and prepare.

I can’t skip or escape from the task because I need good food, healthy food and yes, fresh food too. I can’t have oily fried stuff from outside everyday, once in a while is good for a change (in the environment, cook and taste). And then I realize it’s not only for me but everyone else as well (that I care for in the house) that I have to cook.

So, I realize I have to cook even if I don’t like it sometimes. I’d like to think of it as that mischievous son of our neighbor’s whom you can’t shout at or scare you just have to learn to tolerate him. And what’s a better way to tolerate than to have a smile on.


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