Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone

The sun had spread its rays all over the room and the room was completely bathed in its light. She knew it was way past morning; she got up lazily out of the bed, yawned a little bit and then wore her slippers.

She was a little more than half asleep and a little awake to drag herself from her room to the bathroom in the right direction. She didn’t bother to switch the bathroom light on because she was still asleep. She went in and locked the door. After some time the light was on.

Her eyes were partially open by now, but as the light went on her eyes were completely open. She rubbed her eyes and thought, did she switch on the light. She knew it for sure it was not on and she hadn’t switched it on. Being occupied, early in the morning she was not going to think of some supernatural powers.

She came out of the bathroom and knowing that the light was on, she just switched it off.

But then, by now she was completely awake. She kept on thinking about the morning incident. It was not that she saw someone in the bathroom mirror or the water from the tap was red in colour instead of normal. Something strange did happen and had it been these it would still be easy to believe…believe in the existence of something that was non-existing and invisible.

She tried to find some logical explanation, going in…no light…no switch on…in…light on…came out…turned off the switch, but she could not come to a conclusion. It was a puzzle that she could not solve. She could only think that she could have switched on the light and since she was very sleepy might have forgotten about it completely. But she knew that it was not at all possible because firstly she had done no such thing. Secondly she knew she had switched off the light. Thirdly even if she forgot that she did turn on the light why did it come to life after some time and not immediately? The light turning on due to some electrical spark could not be possible as she remembered it quite clearly that she had switched it off. She remembered the touch off her bare fingers against the switch and pressing it down in order to turn it off.

She had the entire day to come up with some logic rather than thinking that the house or just the bathroom was haunted. She had just moved and liked the place very much. She could not come to any logical conclusion and was thankful enough that no other incident took place that day. She was although alert for one week, noticing every corner of the house and specially the switches.

She then realized it might have been some mischievous invisible force and she went to the altar and thanked first and then prayed for herself, the house and also the mischievous one.

After that nothing ever happened and she continued to live in the same house for two years until it was time to move to another town.

Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone

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