The Carpenters

We have all danced to the tunes of many great artists and singers. We have hummed their songs during our joyous days; we have quietly listened to those songs during those few days when we are hit by crisis in our lives. We might have even sobbed listening to the soothing songs sung by our favourite singers or our favourite songs.

To me, my moments are captured in the songs sung by the famousThe Carpenters”. I used to listen to their songs as a child. My mom was a big fan of theirs and she used to play it always, specially on Sundays. Whenever I listen to a song sung by them it reminds me of one of those Sundays. It used to be relaxing afternoons and mom used to prepare lunch while enjoying and listening to their songs. To me, I remember swaying my body from right to left and left to right; this would make my mom smile a little bit.

I can listen to all their numbers during any phase of my life and during any time of the day and never become bored. But I especially like “On Top of the World” and “I have a dream”

As a child I loved the low and smooth beat of the song “On Top of the World”. At that time all I could register was- on top of the world.

The other song “I have a dream” made more sense to me as a child (because there were angles and dreams). To me it is a motivational song because I’ve found myself singing it during hard times in my life and have always found some magic in the words. I’ve also found myself humming this song during the days when I have achieved something or some good news has come my way.