Music in the house


There is something to like about it. Music. Everyone likes them or so I believe.

Some love it so much that there house would seem like a recording room, all the time music playing. Music is their life style. Music and songs are in every room.These ones are the music lovers, true music lovers.

Some don’t love it at all. To them it is, “What is all this noise?”

No one was a true music lover in my house and songs were not played throughout the day. Songs were played only in the mornings or evenings. They were not played in all the rooms. One boombox was placed right at the center of the hall and the volume was audible enough to be heard from any end of the rooms or from any corners of the house.

So, yes I heard music during my growing years.Music was strictly in the form of devotional songs. We were not allowed to listen to any other form of music (it meant no movie songs, pop albums or any other form of songs).

I think, I had started liking all those songs. They had a soft beat and low rhythm. They kept you positively charged throughout the day, this I say because I used to keep smiling all day long. Greet the teachers with a smile, talk with a smile. Now don’t think I’m mad, I was just a child then and the songs were having a positive impact on me…growing years, what can you say, rules are made by the others and not you.

I think now I’ve developed a taste towards soft music. I don’t like loud music. And of course still wondering about the smile, it’s still there and it still keeps me positive.