Sleep come my way


Wow! It’s sleeping time again.

As, the clock strikes 11 o’clock; my eyes shuts down with the burden of the day.

Sometimes it is a conscious effort, the other times it is so effortless.

Sometimes I’m a log. Not worried about the past or the future to come.

This is my zone, this is my time.

Not to be disturbed, I sleep so easy.

Sometimes dreaming and sometimes sleeping.

Restless are those nights when tension piles up in my mind.

What do I do as I try to sleep?

I roam around the house like a ghost haunting the house.

I read a page or two until the words make my eyes drown and a soft lullaby plays along.

I say, “Sleep please come way.”

“Please visit my home today. Don’t go any other way.”

The fairy listens to my song and I fall like an apple on the ground.