Chilly-Hot n Spicy

imagesMy mom loves chilies and so as a child I got to taste everything in small chunks- sweet, sour, tangy, hot and spicy. By the time I started going to school my tongue could identify all kinds of tastes. It was surprising to me because the others would eat plain and bland things like-cut fruits, bread and butter, boiled food etc.

As a child I had always loved sweets. I could eat anything sweet at any time of the day or night. I mean it guys, there have been nights when I would quietly sneak and eat a piece of cake at 12 in the night while studying.

All of a sudden I was attracted to having hot and spicy food. I think all those years of eating sweets were finally attracting the opposite taste-hot, spicy and chilly.

Now I’m not too particular about the amount of sweetness in the sweets but all the other food should have the right amount of chilies to it. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of chilies but I can’t skip it either. I think all those years my body has generated too much of sweet cells and now it wants to balance it out by pairing itself with chilly cells.

The Walk

son h“Daddy, daddy that toy is so beautiful.”

Dad knew exactly what his son was talking about, but he said, “Where, what, I can’t see. Walk fast or we’ll miss the bus.”

“No, daddy look over there,” and he pointed his little fingers towards a shop.
The dad could not ignore. He saw what his son was trying to show him. It was a toy car.
“I want it, please daddy can I get it. You didn’t give anything for my birthday also.”

The dad’s heart was saddened and he went to the shop along with the little one. He took out his wallet to pay the shopkeeper. The son was very happy, they moved out.
The dad pretended to have missed the bus. He said, “Oh! Son do you know we have missed our bus.”

The little boy said, “It’s ok daddy we have missed so many buses.”
With a smile on his face he said, “We can walk, I can walk.”
And they both started walking….

Re uh lax!

“You have worked too much for a day, so I think you should relax.”

Who me? Yes, you my strong body and my resilient brain, both of you.
I know you two have helped me working non-stop for the entire day. And now I can see-body you have become tired, and mind you also have become lethargic and confused.

Just relax for a while. “No, I can’t,” says the stubborn mind.

But you need to relax for sometime otherwise you will not be able to function efficiently tomorrow. Don’t you want that? Yes, yes, agrees the mind.

So, come let’s just relax form some time.

I listen to one of the deep relaxation audio files- with the bells chiming and the sweet incense sticks burning I let my mind and body relax for a little while. Once this exercise is over I treat my mind by taking it on a trip (no, not the Hawaii kind of trip). I let my mind go on a trip by sitting silently for a few minutes. This goes on for a nice ten to fifteen minutes, until my body starts resenting its sitting idle. The mind is now refreshed.

Now comes your turn-body. Let me pamper you, so I take out the pastry from the fridge. I nicely place myself on a couch, with the remote in one hand and pastry in the other; I go into the non-working mode for a while. I relish each bite as my body unwinds with each small little spoonful bites and my mind simply recites the sounds of taste…uumh!…umh! The body feeds and gains strength and mind relaxes until the pastry vanishes from the plate…after that back to normal mode.

My simple easy steps to make friends

friendIt’s not easy for me to make friends, but once you are on my “friends list” you are their forever.

This is what I do. I would observe a person first and then approach rather than approaching instantly. I feel this way it is easy to face any rejections or embarrassment.

In order to make friend, I would carry:
A smile
A confident look
Be direct in approach

When I finally arrive at the spot with all the tools in my hand I would start the friendship game.

1) The first thing is to introduce myself. Hi! My name is ….?
2) Then if the person introduces him/her self. Good! All you have to do is build a rapport now.
3) If the person doesn’t introduce or shows any signs of hesitation or you sense it, first try… before giving up.
4) In the next attempt… try to find a common interest. Maybe where is the person from, which department he/she works in, share information that could be helpful… “you can find a good eating joint nearby, you can come with me for a match, I buy the children’s book at a discounted price from this place.”
5) If this is difficult the best is to smile and compliment something about the person or that he/she owns. “Wow where did you buy this from it’s looks beautiful…I’ve been looking for it. You have a pleasant smile (As I said I’m very observant and then approach, so I would know a little about the person’s behavior and attitude by now).

These are “my sweet simple and easy approach to making friends”. I have been successful so far. Number doesn’t matter to me. What counts is “even if they are few they should be there forever.”


dustingShe called and said, “Enough, mom I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stay with him anymore.”

She kept the phone. Dragged herself to the kitchen, with heavy eyes started to drink some water.

She slowly moved to the sitting area with a cloth duster in her hand.
She was dusting away the dust from the surface of the things- big and small, expensive and cheap. She was dusting away the experiences of her life- happy and sad, painful and cheerful.

The husband was back. The house looked perfect. She did a wonderful job. The objects were shining as the surface looked clean. She seemed normal as she had dusted away all the feelings of pain, anger and unhappiness.

In a while, everything will catch dust and the cleaning will have to be done…again.


Room engulfed in darkness. Darkness prevails in heart. I reach for candle. Light it. See the candle burn, watch the flame dance and let the wax melt.

Hope, the epicenter of a dark heart, flickers in the midst of life’s turmoil. Hope keeps burning. Emotions keep flickering. Life keeps melting.

Steps to last moment preparation

I love to finish the work before time. It helps me to focus on the other activities that are not work related.

In my job I have to present in front of a crowd (at least 20 to 30 people). I can’t afford to prepare just before the presentation. I have to look confident; I have to sound confident. So I prepare before the actual event.

Preparation begins with the blue print of the agenda. This serves as the basis of my research work. Then the final preparation begins with keeping in mind- the delivery style, the knowledge required to explain and understand the topic, the games that will help in the learning process etc.

These are for the projects where I’m well informed in advance.
Still, you can’t control everything and sometimes you have to prepare at the end moment.

What to do, when I’m not informed in advance?

How do I look?
Very, calm (I try to remain very calm). If I lose this element everything else will go haywire (can’t manage to do that).

How do I feel?
I feel like I have to cross a busy street without being hit by anything or anyone. And I have to do all this in less than a minute’s time.

How to deal with this situation?
Managing time– I try to manage my time as much as possible.

Making a timetable– Making a timetable is the best way that has helped me with managing my time during these situations.

Sticking to the set timetable– The timetable is made; cannot afford to lose any minute.

Follow the timetable– I try to follow the timetable dedicatedly until the work is done or I’m confident enough about the work or the information that I’ve gathered.

Final touch ups– This is the stage of relief. Everything is in place and I just have to check on the details.

End work– Here comes a sigh of relief…aah! The final work is presented with “all the best efforts” that I had. At this stage I don’t care about the “how’s” of the work, all I care about at this time is “I’ve completed the work”. And it’s done with a hundred percent “dedication”.

Haves vs Have Nots

What do they have that I don’t have?
Why is there life a living example and mine a living sample?
Their life is filled with materialistic wonders.
Great house and a big car owned, defines a man.
Nice shimmery shiny piece of jewelry that makes the lady worthy.

The haves and the have nots will always make me ponder.
The competition begins between the two, as I wonder.

I enter into a marathon as I try to equate the balance between the two.
Moving out, I realize I still have much to be thankful about than not be.
The “green eyed monster” teases me.
But “my eyes” show the reality to me.
The world will always have land and water.
The people will always have and not have.

So I stop wondering and competing.

I try to enjoy when I have, with whatever little or much I have.
I try to swim and struggle when I don’t have.



Come, stand with me

At the door I stand with a cup of tea and watch out off the window. This is my favourite pastime. This is my favourite moment of the day. I feel like a Juliet except for my Romeo is at home and I know no one is standing down for me. I normally stand in the morning or in the evenings with a cup of tea or coffee in my hand.

This is what waits me, a park filled with green grass. I can see colours of pink, white, read and orange on the plants. There is a tree which has dark green leaves. This tree stands still at the right hand corner of my sight. The tree has blossomed deep bloody red flowers. The park is bordered with flowering plants. Some are small and some have grown tall. It’s like the gardener has played fill in the blanks in the park, wherever there are no plants, there is grass. The grass is properly trimmed. The park is well maintained by the society gardener.


A view from where I stand.

Everyday at 9o’clock I see him attending the park. He would mow the grass, sometimes he would dig the soil, the other days he would water the plants, some days he would plant the seeds.

During winter days I see kids playing in the park. They would play with a softball or badminton. Some small toddlers with their grandparents or governesses would run, play, fall, tumble on the ground- in short they will do all sorts of things that will dirty their clothes. They only come out during the winter days. The sun would be too harsh on them during the summer days so they will not come out in the evenings as well. I enjoy all this as I stand by the window.

The seasons change and the view changes along with it. During the harsh summers the gardener will look after the park and will leave by 1o’clock. I guess so, because I don’t see him after that. During these summer days the plants are vibrant green in colour, there isn’t much variety to see. The autumn will not add to the beauty of the park as the plants will shed away its leaves and the gardener will rake them away. With the spring in action the gardener will try to add colour by planting different varieties of flowering plants. This colourful picture stays till winter.

I know that I might not see the children play in the park but I know I would see the beautiful flowers and green grass any time of the day or anytime of the year. I’m able to enjoy this because of the gardener. Had it not been for him, I would have seen grass growing as tall as the softballs or even bigger than that. No children would ever play as they would see their balls disappearing in the grass. The toddlers would not play and chuckle around, as the parents would fear something dangerous might come out of the soil.

Flowers in full bloom

Flowers in full bloom