Steps to last moment preparation

I love to finish the work before time. It helps me to focus on the other activities that are not work related.

In my job I have to present in front of a crowd (at least 20 to 30 people). I can’t afford to prepare just before the presentation. I have to look confident; I have to sound confident. So I prepare before the actual event.

Preparation begins with the blue print of the agenda. This serves as the basis of my research work. Then the final preparation begins with keeping in mind- the delivery style, the knowledge required to explain and understand the topic, the games that will help in the learning process etc.

These are for the projects where I’m well informed in advance.
Still, you can’t control everything and sometimes you have to prepare at the end moment.

What to do, when I’m not informed in advance?

How do I look?
Very, calm (I try to remain very calm). If I lose this element everything else will go haywire (can’t manage to do that).

How do I feel?
I feel like I have to cross a busy street without being hit by anything or anyone. And I have to do all this in less than a minute’s time.

How to deal with this situation?
Managing time– I try to manage my time as much as possible.

Making a timetable– Making a timetable is the best way that has helped me with managing my time during these situations.

Sticking to the set timetable– The timetable is made; cannot afford to lose any minute.

Follow the timetable– I try to follow the timetable dedicatedly until the work is done or I’m confident enough about the work or the information that I’ve gathered.

Final touch ups– This is the stage of relief. Everything is in place and I just have to check on the details.

End work– Here comes a sigh of relief…aah! The final work is presented with “all the best efforts” that I had. At this stage I don’t care about the “how’s” of the work, all I care about at this time is “I’ve completed the work”. And it’s done with a hundred percent “dedication”.

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