Chilly-Hot n Spicy

imagesMy mom loves chilies and so as a child I got to taste everything in small chunks- sweet, sour, tangy, hot and spicy. By the time I started going to school my tongue could identify all kinds of tastes. It was surprising to me because the others would eat plain and bland things like-cut fruits, bread and butter, boiled food etc.

As a child I had always loved sweets. I could eat anything sweet at any time of the day or night. I mean it guys, there have been nights when I would quietly sneak and eat a piece of cake at 12 in the night while studying.

All of a sudden I was attracted to having hot and spicy food. I think all those years of eating sweets were finally attracting the opposite taste-hot, spicy and chilly.

Now I’m not too particular about the amount of sweetness in the sweets but all the other food should have the right amount of chilies to it. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of chilies but I can’t skip it either. I think all those years my body has generated too much of sweet cells and now it wants to balance it out by pairing itself with chilly cells.

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