The 24 Hr clock

The twenty four hour clock keeps ticking.

Along with it I keep running.

Morning opens my eyes with a promise of a new day.

I meditate to the tune of the morning noise, to bring peace to my mind.

Afternoon bright and sunny calls for a heavy and hearty lunch.

Evening time is the sweet tea time, never do I miss.

Night time brings relief and rest as I jump to bed to rest.

The twenty four hour clock still ticking.

I keep sleeping; I keep dreaming.

Tomorrow will be again another day, another story.

Perhaps, with a little twist but somethings I will not miss.

Sometimes student, Sometimes teacher

When I was a child I was a student, learning at every stage from everyone.

I was a student of a mother who taught me to walk, run, think, understand and above all survive in life.

When I finally started to read and write I was sent to school to be educated and get a degree of all kinds.

In schools and colleges I was a student of all the teachers who taught me not only the subjects but also gave me the practical understanding of things and how to relate it with life. I watched them closely and listened carefully to every word they said.

Then finally it was time for me to check my understanding and showcasing my talents and skills to the world. I started working.

I was a student of my boss and all the other seniors who mentored me. Sometimes praise boosted my confidence and the other times a slight criticism catapulted me to take the challenge and prove myself. There were still other times when none worked so I floated like a cork in water.

Now there is a slight shift in the roles. After all those years of learning and gaining firsthand experience about life I’m on a different road, where I’m a teacher.

I would like to believe that I’m a teacher to my sister guiding her, helping her to take decisions related to career and life but mostly it’s career.

I would like to believe that I’m a teacher to my students and trainees as they learn how to master some skills related to communication and personal development. They would sometimes consult me on matters of education and profession as well.

I would like to believe that I’m a teacher to the young ones and children in the family. They learn to draw, paint, play, have fun, cook, read etc.

Though I’m a teacher to some people but I still consider myself to be a student. As the life’s camera keeps rolling, the role of a student cannot be static. If you are a life’s student you keep learning and moving ahead. However, sometimes when enough is gained from personal experience and from observing others you can change the costume from a student to a teacher. Based on your learning and experience you can help and lead others when they are facing any difficulty in any section or any phase of their lives.