Relive the past week

Ok!…interesting, so how did WordPress know about my last week? The past week started with a reading of 10 on my mad-o-meter on Monday and slowly had decreased till Sunday.

Monday marked the beginning of the week. I had a good start but had no idea that by the end of the day my maddening degree would be all time high. Had to take a new batch, normally I’m aware of what the batch is all about…and so I’m well prepared. But this was different…had no idea that the batch would be totally different from what I had expected or handled in the past. You get the feeling if something is not working your way and I started getting that feeling. Outcome of the day: I got bored and so did the participants or vice a versa. I kept thinking about the day throughout the week. Now being given the chance to change- I think I would change the day.

Tuesday was ok and so was Wednesday. I was still thinking about Monday and all the how’s and why’ attached to that day. So, on the meter reading, Tuesday was 8/10 and Wednesday came down to 7. Once the maddening meter was down to 7 I realized that I had analyzed the situation from my point of view and so I needed to change.

Now if asked to change the Monday, my answer would be a no. The reason being, I learnt my lesson that, “by changing my viewpoint and by simply changing my angle I got a better look at the situation and it helped me to have a successful session this Monday.”

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were just normal days. No thoughts of changing the days required here.

Sunday went out shopping. Absolutely enjoyed it! Again, don’t want to change it either.

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