Vending Machine

What all could you want from a vending machine that works like Aladdin’s Lamp only it is not a lamp it’s a machine. It is not small, it is huge and you cannot hide it. It doesn’t work when rubbed but works fine when pressed or touched (that is, if it has a touch screen or the normal buttons to press).

Let me think for a while. Are you sure that I’ll not have to insert coins or money into it. If that’s the case then I would want it to give me some walnuts whenever I’m hungry (I love them). How about cooked home meals, I think I would love that (I hope that it tastes like a home meal too) as it would spare me from going through the trouble of cooking. There are books that I would want to read and hope this machine gives me books of various authors from different genres. And no, it would not help me in publishing a book but just help me to find the real book that I want to read. Medicines and check-ups are expensive these days. What if this machine is capable of detecting the error in body and suggest the relevant medicines or better if it could give it. I think now I’ll let the machine (that’s in the making… somewhere) rest for a while.