Going on a world tour is what I want to do. However, I’ll still be happy with a much needed long vacation (I want it, I need it right now).

What’s keeping me away – time and money ( at least for the time being :)).

3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Time and money. I have the same problems. I’ve never been on a official vacation. My whole life I’ve been involved with school and sports (going to school and playing for a while, and now teaching and coaching). The thought that “teachers get summers off” is a myth, especially teachers and coaches of Fall sports, practice all summer. Someday I wish to have many restful vacations…. someday.


    • You’ve said it right.When there is time there is either less money or not enough money and when there is money there is no time. That is so true people think that teachers have a relaxed job and they get a vacation off, but as you said is a myth.
      I hope you enjoy a restful vacation…someday 🙂 and me too.


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