Thank You

Dear Friends,

There was a thought that kept on ringing like a bell in my head and it was-“I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers for the support they have showered at Emovere. I would like to say that your visits are more than welcome. So, please come any time of the day, once or twice- as it suits you.

I have received enormous amount of love and support from all my followers and reader friends and would like to ‘thank you all’. Thanks for reading, visiting, liking, putting your comments and following. They all mean a lot to me. I can understand that sometimes you are busy and that’s fine. And that gives me more reason to appreciate your visits and respect your precious time.

This blog is not only a blog but my window to new and different worlds that is far from me. And so for this opportunity I would also like to thank WordPress. Someone told me once and I would like to share. That someone said, ‘gratitude is the basic element of life, you should not forget it and that’s why show gratitude to everything and every person.’ Thank you, WordPress for lending me a space to ramble out my heart and mind.”

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