Three Letters

“You have inherited a big grand mansion, and it was your Uncle Henry’s wish that you came here to claim it.”

What is this a mail spam or what? Wait a minute a WP is watermarked on this letter. It could be genuine. So I pack my bags and head towards the address mentioned on the letter. What’s the worst that could happen to me: 1) some goons or thugs would be waiting for me and would take all my money and credit cards along with all my belongings. 2) I’ll keep on walking and finally when I reach at the spot the GRAND mansion doesn’t appear as grand as I had thought. It would be best not to think too much and focus on the word “grand” at this point (maybe I can focus on “countryside”). 3) Lastly, what if someone fooled me and there is nothing at all- no mansion, no garden, no personal butler or a whole army of maids at my service.

Anyways, thinking about the worst things possible I think what if this is true there would be no harm in checking the facts. So, I head towards the countryside to claim my new residence.

What do I see? A grand mansion as promised in the letter and it was there visible. Now I strike the second and third from the list. I’m not fooled by anyone and it is a grand mansion however not a livable place. What should I do? What if I’m robbed or may be killed? What if it is haunted? Now that I’ve come so far so let’s just find someone. I walk towards the big door and try to ring the bell at least two times or may be even three or five times. There is no answer I just turn back and hear the door open and someone says, “Sir.”

Hello! I came because I got this letter which says, “I can claim for Uncle Henry’s grand mansion.”

Oh! Then sir you must be Charles Henry. Can I see the letter?

Sure, here it is.

Sir I’m John the care taker of this house. Please come inside.

Can I take a look at the house, I mean the whole house.

Sure, this is your house now.

“Wow! This place is huge however some things are broken” I speak.

Sir can’t help much this is very old. Your uncle inherited it from his uncle and he repaired the house and made it livable for all of us.

John said, “Oh! I forgot to give you this.” And he took out an envelope from his pocket.

Now, what’s this I think and take it and open the envelope.

“Dear son please ask John to take you to the cellar” reads the letter.

John, could you please take me to the cellar? Yes, please follow me.

After walking from one end of the hall to the other end we reached a corridor. It is huge one that I’ve only seen in the movies. It has pictures hanging and big vases filled with flowers. The flowers look fresh seems they were filled today morning itself. The vases are shiny porcelain the one that I like and the ones that I’ve seen in art galleries. The carpet is red and is all over the place and makes me feel like I’m walking the red carpet like a celebrity. I glance at the rooms that we cross one by one. They still have furniture and everything is where the actual owner would want it to be. They look as if they are still in use.

Sir, this is the cellar and the money is in the vault.

What vault? What money?

Your uncle had asked me to hand the vault and the money to the first owner who comes.

And that would be me.

What will I do with the money?

Anything as it suits your need.

Ok! Then I’ll turn this into a museum. People specially the city dwellers would love it.

One thing John earlier you said the first owner who comes, why did you say so.

Well three letters were sent to three people. The first one didn’t respond, we waited for one year. The second one gave us a call we spoke and spoke and the conversation ended on an abusive note. Then the third letter was sent to you and that’s why no phone number was mentioned on it. The lawyer has been informed and the paper work will start from tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Three Letters

    • Not me Sheen it is Charles Henry. 🙂
      I’m sure Sheen you would be aware of “Sheikh Chillys khyali pulao” was just doing that when the story took a twist. 😀


    • Thanks Cindy happy to know you enjoyed it.
      Well in the WordPress world at least everyone owns a mansion now and money is no problem. Time to celebrate:) 🙂


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