It’s in my voice





Sometimes during training sessions I’ve been video recorded (only for company’s use) and that’s perfectly ok with me. It helps in self analyzing and over the years I’ve seen my training style improving as well. (Normally we always ask the participants to video record themselves as it is becomes their guide in improving and understanding their own body language.) So I would say watching a self video helps me although I might not like it (I mean the process of someone barging into my session, however with time I’ve learnt the art of not being bothered). It is quite useful and that’s why it’s ok with me. I’m not conscious at all because it doesn’t bother me as I’m engaged with my participants, totally engrossed in my sessions.

What should I say about my voice? It lacks the sweetness of a child and I don’t chirp like a bird at all. I think my voice is not melodious at all, although I used to sing in the church’s choir group and people said that I sang well. As a grown up I understand they were just being nice. How is my voice? According to me – it is a bit husky. I’ve heard the recorded version of me and that’s what I think of my voice. I don’t like to hear me specially if it is a recording. However some people have a different opinion altogether and they say you have a good voice. Well I’ll leave it to them- but I don’t like my voice. I thought I’ll share it with you since I got the option.


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