Fictional Lifestyle

Today I would love to be dressed in leaves, cobwebs and twigs as I’m the boy who never grows up. I think it is quite trendy. Why do I care, after all I’m Peter Pan. I stay in Neverland and I love my carefree attitude. I can be careless and not be bothered about the consequences. I’m ageless, I’m immortal and I can fly. So possessing all these abilities I would be flying and not be worried about my looks, as I would remain the same forever.

Today I also choose to be Lemuel Gulliver. I got my fame from “Gulliver’s Travels”. I’m the captain of my ship and what the heck, let’s sail. I would definitely love to meet those guys from Lilliput. There torture methods are different than ours but I’m just curious to meet those people. Finding the right opportunity I’ll quickly kidnap one or two and bring them here. Going there wouldn’t be much of an adventure trip as I’ll take the book along with me, as a guide. Coming here along with them will certainly be an adventure for me and them. I could make them fly on chips and make them sleep on a sponge cake. I could carve a house out of a red apple and let them live in it. You do understand why I’m referring to edible items only. It is because after staying for long they might realize that their appetite has increased and they could utilize all these by eating them up. Secondly our world would be scary for them with gadgets and hi speed equipments I wouldn’t risk their lives making them stay in a shoe box. Hence edible items, they wouldn’t be hurt even when frustrated, they can just nibble at it.

Lastly I would love to wear a black patch in an eye, a big round ring in one ear and tie my head with a filthy cloth. Yes, I’m a pirate today. I don’t look attractive but don’t you come close to me or bother me I could take out the dagger and slit your throat in seconds. I love matches as they can light my twig like cigarette and helps to burn down a place in quick seconds. I stink bad, bad is not even the word. I haven’t take a bath in maybe days, weeks…or maybe months I don’t care after all I’m a pirate not a supermodel. For now I’m just happy to be going to Treasure Island. Rumors are there is treasure and that’s why we all greedy people are travelling to find it and claim our share over it. Funny thing is we don’t trust each other at all so much so that we sleep with an eye open. I just trust one person “me” and one thing “my dagger”. I feel impatient looking at the stars and thinking that they are jewels. I’m just sea sick and want to see the land. I feel so sleepy, I don’t feel very good about it, I’m sure the others have poisoned me or did I drink too much. I opened my eyes what a relief. I’m lying on the bed of the ocean. Seems I was right- they did poison me and they did throw me into the ocean. You would not find me in the book because Mr Stevenson also tossed me out of his head and that’s why no mention about me. Not a problem I’m happy. I’m a happy swimming ghost, now maybe if you come here I could guide you to the treasure.

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