Part and Parcel

Ah! She wears glasses. Not that it’s a crime but we think she has beautiful eyes and can wear contacts. She refuses to wear contacts and we have never seen her without her glasses. She loves wearing watches too. She just thinks it is cool and she has some trendy ones as well.

We have seen her carrying a packet of tissue wipes or handkerchief in her bag. Who carries handkerchief? We don’t but she does. She thinks her face is oily and needs a tissue wipe or handkerchief after a quick splash of water. She definitely carries a hand sanitizer in her bag. Once we had gone out and we ordered food she quickly took out her mini sanitizer and dabbed it in her palms and hands. She offered it to us as well. She would never forget to carry a bottle of water. She believes why buy it from outside, when you can carry it from home.

Smiling with the Smell

I smell nature

in fresh green grass

I smell innocence

in a hot cup of chocolate

I smell strength

in the pages of new books and covers

I smell freedom

in the vastness of sea

I smell relief

in the first shower of monsoon rains

I smell my hunger

in the freshly baked carrot cake

I smell love

in lavender, jasmine and roses

I smell my addiction

in a bottle of all ground spices and herbs

I smell laziness

in the dark blue night sky

I smell a child

in you