Mothers greatest gifts of God

My flip flops were waiting for me outside the door. I quickly ate a slice of cake that my mom had baked. It was fresh, soft and delicious. I don’t know what her secret weapon is, but I just love it. I can have it anytime of the day. Of course, she doesn’t stop me from having it, “I’m her darling,” so I get the liberty to have it as much as I want to.

“Mothers – one of the greatest gifts of God,” I remembered a school project that I had once submitted. I don’t know who said that but I’m sure someone wise and old; even if not old but certainly wise.



Wow! 500 likes, surely is is a milestone. I had never thought that I will get here when I had started a few months back. But now that I’m here I would like to thank all my blogger friends and my trusted readers who have pushed me, helped me to reach here.

When I had started I was not very sure. To be honest, I was a bit scared. But then I thought, “Let me just write and everything will be in place…and I carried on.” Very soon I started enjoying writing and sharing my experiences.

I have plans to include topics and add diversity to Emovere. What kind? I really don’t know, so kindly be patient. Managing time can be difficult at times as my responsibility as a freelance trainer ties me up, when in a project. I hope you’ll understand. In the meantime I would really love to hear your thoughts.

Thank You, guys once again.