Not following straight lines

Straight lines can lead you to your rightful destination but a zigzag is an interesting turn. In buildings they always add beauty as they carry more meaning to the structure. My contribution, in following the straight lines I ended up making zigzag lines.

tower standing zigzag tall

tower standing zigzag tall

It was so hard to resist the zigzag pattern in this tower, so I just clicked it. It was all ready for a zigzag click.

closed door

You need to follow the zigzag to know what’s behind the closed door. Had it had been a straight slope it would not have attracted my keen eyes.

Fatehpur Sikri

Zigzag patterns on the walls of Fatehpur Sikri, India. This pattern reminded me of mountains, of zigzag patterns, in a child’s drawing. But, I get the idea that it would have been no child’s play as these are accurate lines running on the walls.

Water flowing in zigzag

Can you find the zigzag here. Even mother nature finds it tempting. If you are standing by a river you might think that they flow in a straight line, but behind that straight line they would have covered a long distance in a zigzag pattern… carving its way, finding a path to reach its destination and of course crossing you or your city.