Calling for objects

No, I have never named any of my things. I do have names for my frequent guests like: Lizi for a lizard; Cawcoo for a cockroach; Pijgee for a pigeon. However, a rat remains a rat and so does a honey bee.

I don’t go naming the objects in my house. No, I’ve never done that…ever. So if I’m looking for my blue coffee mug I’ll say, “Where is my blue coffee mug. Where are you, I had kept it here the last time. Come out, show yourself. Where are you hiding?”

Yes, at times I have internal dialogues with myself that is how sane I am. But baptizing the objects in my house is a little too much for my sanity.


Texture Palette

green grass waves crating texture

The breeze gently touched the long grass in this field and made it dance with it. It showcased shades of greens in its every fold.


water patterns

It’s not difficult to find the impressions of footsteps by the shore but impression created by water that had just passed away from this sandy patch made me click this. I liked the pattern created which gave it a very soft texture, one that can be created and recreated again and again.


relics of past

This was an old chapel building. The relics of the past,which was once new and smooth, now takes a rough and stern texture.