Calling for objects

No, I have never named any of my things. I do have names for my frequent guests like: Lizi for a lizard; Cawcoo for a cockroach; Pijgee for a pigeon. However, a rat remains a rat and so does a honey bee.

I don’t go naming the objects in my house. No, I’ve never done that…ever. So if I’m looking for my blue coffee mug I’ll say, “Where is my blue coffee mug. Where are you, I had kept it here the last time. Come out, show yourself. Where are you hiding?”

Yes, at times I have internal dialogues with myself that is how sane I am. But baptizing the objects in my house is a little too much for my sanity.

5 thoughts on “Calling for objects

  1. Your post reminded me of a celebrity on TV last night who said he gave all his kitchen plates personalities and kept putting different ones at the top of pile so they didn’t feel left out!! 🙂 It seems strange but I think he was serious about this! I guess it is a habit some people have.


    • Oh! people have habits- old,new, weird- but if it doesn’t harm anyone, one can or rather must follow them. Is there some weird habit that you follow? 😉


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