An Outline

In capturing silhouettes I realized that they appeared like shadows-dark, except they were not shadows but were outlines of what truly is.

Silhouettes that I gathered for this weeks’ photo challenge are below. Hope you enjoy, cause I enjoyed taking each shot.

Strong tree trunk

When I had clicked this I had no idea how it would turn out. It was a cloudy winter day and the sun was setting. What I saw was a soft pink murky sky. I think more than the sky I liked this tree, which is just a bare tree trunk, but it displays a very strong outline. It seemed somewhat artistic to me, so I captured it.


Beach in Goa

This might not be the best of the shots that you have seen but I liked the beach shot. I remember I had raced to capture the sun set but was late and hence decided to capture something. And this was that something. Inspite of the blue sky and the sandy outline the dark palm trees caught my sight instantly after I saw the picture in the processed form.


Tree reaching to sky

I love the flower on this tree; I don’t know the name. The flower is a bright deep red and its texture is fleshy. It normally blooms during the summer months. When I saw this tree with my favourite flowers blooming on it I wanted to capture it. But as you can see the sun had decided to set and what I got was an outline of the tree. I was a little disheartened not to find my favourite red flower in the shot but was happy to have captured this tree instead. Somehow it shows the desperate desire of the tree to reach towards the sky and touch it.