I woke with a thump

I’m a morning person but my habits have changed a lot since college and I try my best to get up early in the mornings. However, there are days when I can’t get up early because of sleeping late at night due to work. But I like to get up early in the mornings. I love to catch the sun as it unveils itself and spreads its light all over wherever it travels. I love the birds as they fly like office goers, the only difference being we pack our lunch with us and they travel to have lunch. I absolutely love the freshness of the morning sky.

These are the things that I love about any mornings but in order to catch this essence of morning I need to get up early (which I have not done lately). The truth being when you work or are awake till late nights you simply can’t get early enough to catch the morning essence. The only thing that makes my mornings, morning… is a cup of tea. As the aroma of the tea lingers all over the kitchen it tickles my nose and brings relief to my sleepy mind.

I had an abrupt morning start today. It was certainly early than usual.

I don’t mind the visits of birds and pigeons, they are peaceful and besides this I like their chirping sound. However, I do mind squirrels, I tell you they are mischievous, at least the one that visits me (quite often) is. It comes early in the morning at the break of the dawn and starts nibbling on the wooden frame of the window. The more I ignore the louder its nibbling sound gets. Now that I’m up but too lazy to get out of bed I clap loudly thinking it might scare it away. But it is not scared. I still lay determined not to leave bed. After a while it again starts and this time I literally jump out of bed with a thump and try to make some noise. Finally it leaves…leaving me up and awake.

What is the first action performed…hitting? What was the first thought…killing or harming, words… cursing? What was the first emotion captured…anger? I like getting up early but not with the thought of anger seeding in my mind and later seeping and tainting my day.


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