Therefore, nighttime…

burning diya at an altar

Night brings its companion darkness along with it. Darkness like a moaning beauty, all dressed in black, walks elegantly through the space.

moon in the sky

Moon, the wizard of night, peeps out of the sky along with its luminary friends.


Shadows start to creep in the ally, corridors and homes.

a white mushroom in the night

Perfect time to mushroom our creativity and let out the imaginative little monsters.

I like the day, who doesn’t like the sunshine. The light forces one to see things even when ignoring them. But I also like night as it encloses darkness in it. It is the perfect time to loosen out those dark monster which are chained during the day. It frees the mind as it plunges into the darkness and plays with the unimaginative forces that do or do not exist in the world. Therefore, you might see plain stories in the daytime but in the nighttime they turn into wild magical beasts.