A night… at a local fair

I visited a local fair which was organized very close to my house. This time of the year marks the beginning of many Hindu festivals and the fair concentrates around the decorative products of all kinds. This fair is strategically organized during the end of September or the beginning of October as the weather turns out to be pleasant and apt for open air fair affair. Secondly with the on going poojas and festivities to come people buy a lot of stuff from here as it turns out to be less expensive compared to the normal market price.

Street decorated with lights

The street leading to the fair, decorated with lights – welcoming people.

electric light bulbs to decorate during diwali

A stall – lights for Diwali (one of the biggest Hindu festivals) which will be in the last week of October.

Bobble head Indian clay dolls

A colourful display of clay dolls. Taking a closer look (all the round figures of cute men and women) suggested they were bobbleheaded dolls.

some decorative hangings

Some decorative hangings.

Jute hanging lamp shade along with other kinds of traditional wall hangings

A decorative hanging lampshade made of jute.

A soft toy stall for kids

A stall for kids – on display – colourful balls, a face mask and a colourful parrot. My favourite was this parrot.

Lady in Yellow

A lady in… yellow saree and some colourful fabric on display.

decorative item made from coconut husk

Decorative item made from coconut husk.

Artificial flowers

Flowers to decorate every house. I could see every housewife buying it – a token to remember from the fair.

Clay birds to hang on the walls and some Diwali diyas

Again colourfully glazed clay birds to hang on the walls. Some diwali diyas (small cup shaped oil lamps made from baked clay) for sale for the upcoming Diwali festival.

A bhelpuri stall

We Indians eat street food religiously and not concerned about anything else. We can only think of the taste and pleasure it gives while eating them. One is bound to find Golgappas or Bhelpuri – a kind of street food – which sells at every nook and corner of the Indian streets. The ‘Bhelpuri’  made it to the fair but Golgappas were absent.

Sweet Paan

I could not resist this. An outburst of colours and the name is paan. A wonderful display of colours all packed in beetle leaf with some cherries, grated coconut, sprinkled fennel and chocolate syrup. Wondering about the size? You can’t have it in installments…put the entire thing in the mouth and start chewing. This sweet paan is good for digestion and is eaten after dinner or lunch.

I had a wonderful night at fair and hope you enjoyed as much.