Signs for Humans

We human beings are proud inhabitants of mother earth and have been for thousands of years. Over these many years nature has been kind enough to show us signs that we interpreted and learnt that has supported our living and survival. Clouds for rains, rains for good harvest, stars for zodiac, sun rise for a new day – these were the signs through which mother eath communicated with us. Then signs were of sneeze for cold, wrinkles for ageing, shoes not fitting for new shoes in need. Signs subtle or obvious have now become a part of human life.

Fishermen racing back home as the sun sets

Setting sun – a signal – for the fishermen to return home from the days kill. Sun set is an invitation for humans and birds alike to come back to the coziness of our homes and loved ones.

Tibetan place of devotion

Signs of human devotion and a spot to reach out to one’s God. We need signs to see that supreme being dwells with us, so we make homes for Him.

A painting on the wall in a Tibetan monastery

Signs of an artistic hand and heart at work.

Some signs are either bold or are made bold as humans need these signs to not get lost.

A painting on the wall

Ready to eat.

A door separating passive and active smokers

Signs are sometimes made bold so no one misses it.

Way to Chang La Pass, Ladakh, India

Signs to reach the destination safely.

We humans, need all sorts of signs to lead our life happily or that leads us to the desired destination (safe and sound). But sometimes we miss on the subtle signs and take a wrong turn and finally reach a wrong destination.