Messy place not to be

My bedroom was a messy place with scattered toys, books, colour pencils, paints and brushes when I was a child. Now my mom says, “Thanks heavens you’ve got a good place”.

Neat cushion covers, bed sheets tucked in, a wall clock up and running, the mementoes shine, books dusted clean they all define me (so I think). I’m not a techie person but the desktop is a sacred place to me. I keep all my works arranged into files, folders and sub folders. It’s so easy to find my way through that I could instruct someone over the phone to get to the exact file or folder that I want. I’m this organized but don’t think too positive about me.

I’m a human after all and there is a messy place not to be – my cupboard. Although, I do clean it once in a while it’s a serious business for me. I sort out the ones in use and discard away the rest. For the first few days it is neat and tidy and then I no longer fold the clothes I just dump them in. Then again one day I’ll clean up my messy cupboard. But until then I’m glad that the cupboards have doors – good, I can keep the mess closed behind the doors.