Treated with cucumber

I would like to share this video first. I hope you enjoy watching this video because I sure did.

Conclusion: Even monkeys want to be treated fair so what’s wrong if we humans want the same treatment from people around us. Yes, I had been treated with a cucumber once and it tasted pathetic.

There are certain things that are beyond one’s control but still we are subjected to inequality. Things like: our looks, gender, class, region or even a special needs person are things that we are born with. I feel sad for the people who treat others based on their self made parameters. They really don’t think twice before their actions or words. They don’t respect others for who or what they are as these others have no identity in front of them.

I remember my first interview not because it was my first interview but for receiving a dose of inequality for the very first time in my life.

In a light pink suit I sat confidently in the interview hall. My eyes scanned as the other contenders came and left. Everyone left empty handed. I was already interviewed and was asked to wait. Technically this would be my second interview. I was rejected earlier due to inadequate computer knowledge. I took the feedback and was working on it.

Anyways, coming back to the current interview hall – I saw a girl dressed in normal blue jeans and some shimmery t-shirt entering the hall exactly twenty minutes before the interview was about to be closed. Her face was a painted landscape whereas mine was a blank white canvas. At my mom’s request I had worn some ear studs. Thank God! I was at least wearing those as it consoled me from the inferiority complex that I was suffering at that time.

It was a long wait and I was hoping it to be fruitful. The door to the interview room was open and I was sitting by the door. I could hear the girl reading the passage super fast. Throughout the interview process she did not demonstrate any signs of confidence – her speech was unclear as she stammered at times. I could smell her fear in every word that she uttered.

I was sure that she would be rejected. But the guy dressed in black was going to prove me wrong. He handed her the appointment letter. OK! that’s fine, I thought – even I’ll get mine; I was so confident. He walked towards me and said, “I’m sorry you are not selected.” I knew the reason but hoped for an answer so I asked if I could work on something. He just smiled which was equivalent to no answer, no feedback. What the hell was that? In the entire day he chose only one candidate and that was ‘the girl in the makeup’.

It didn’t trouble me that the girl wore makeup or she was two or three shade fairer or she looked prettier than me; what troubled me was that I knew she was not confident, she mispronounced words that even the interviewer corrected at times, there were more than five occasions when she didn’t answer at all. So how or why was she selected? To be honest I was a raging bull that day. I was never treated like this anywhere – at home or social community or school or college – anywhere – never.

After losing my appetite on receiving such treatment, I decided a few things 1) wear makeup 2) work on my skills 3) gain knowledge, as much as possible and 4) not to wear pink.

I was ready for my next interview with all the things that I had learnt previously or accidentally. This time I got selected and ever since I have met people who have treated me equal and respected me for sharing my knowledge with them.

So yes, I did fell like that monkey once… cheated with a cucumber and not treated with grapes.