The Holy One

In life everyone must have some fun.

Imaginary friend, I had none.

Cause, I was the fortunate one.

Friends, I had some.

But mostly it was my mom.

I decided to be the intelligent son.

Then the friendship was done.

But survived with me,

always was the holy one.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green

One cannot escape the colour green that is found so abundantly in nature. Here are some of my captures of green.

green climber

The house coated in natural green colour.

Here are some green leaves in different shapes and patterns that interested me.

round leaves

The round shaped leaves.

light and dark green patterned leaves

Here are some maple shaped leaves. What caught my attention was the light green coloured veins running through these leaves.

opposite arrangement of leaves

One of the most common arrangements found in leaves.