A job well done

‘Vacation’ is fun time for children but I’m scarred for my life and my children’s lives. I can’t complain because you are my master’s son and I’m just a pumpkin climber growing on the rooftop.

I like watching you’ll…running, screaming, fighting, playing, jumping…what scares me is when you’ll come close to the rooftop and start plucking my leaves – it hurts.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” everyone decides and while your cousin is counting everyone starts looking for their hide outs.

Why are you hiding in this corner? It’s not safe! Can’t you see the boundary wall is broken and you might fall? I speak loudly but I realize that you don’t understand plant language.

“This time you will not be able to catch me,” says the kid when he sees his cousin coming towards the broken wall.

“Alright kid watch your steps. You are really scaring me.” But my voice goes unheard and I see him slip from the edge of the terrace. He instantly grabs me and starts shouting with all his energy. Oh! God my leaves turned deaf that day but his life was at stake and I can’t blame him.

Hold on kid! Hold tight and scream… scream loudly. Where are the elders? Why aren’t they coming? Come on kid shout loudly I can’t support for long my vines are snapping away from the wall. Please, someone come…come fast…save the kid.

There they all come. Kid’s mother is in shock so an aunt comes to grab the kid. She asks the kid to give his right hand first and gently grabs the other hand as well. She tries to pull the kid up while another aunt tries to grab the kid’s body.

A lot of kisses and hugs follows after the kid reaches a safe spot. A slight concerned yelling is also showcased by his mother.The kid still in fear wraps himself around his mother.

Apart from losing a few leaves and my beautiful yellow flowers I’m glad that I saved the kid’s life. “A job well done,” I said to myself.


Treated with cucumber

I would like to share this video first. I hope you enjoy watching this video because I sure did.

Conclusion: Even monkeys want to be treated fair so what’s wrong if we humans want the same treatment from people around us. Yes, I had been treated with a cucumber once and it tasted pathetic.

There are certain things that are beyond one’s control but still we are subjected to inequality. Things like: our looks, gender, class, region or even a special needs person are things that we are born with. I feel sad for the people who treat others based on their self made parameters. They really don’t think twice before their actions or words. They don’t respect others for who or what they are as these others have no identity in front of them.

I remember my first interview not because it was my first interview but for receiving a dose of inequality for the very first time in my life.

In a light pink suit I sat confidently in the interview hall. My eyes scanned as the other contenders came and left. Everyone left empty handed. I was already interviewed and was asked to wait. Technically this would be my second interview. I was rejected earlier due to inadequate computer knowledge. I took the feedback and was working on it.

Anyways, coming back to the current interview hall – I saw a girl dressed in normal blue jeans and some shimmery t-shirt entering the hall exactly twenty minutes before the interview was about to be closed. Her face was a painted landscape whereas mine was a blank white canvas. At my mom’s request I had worn some ear studs. Thank God! I was at least wearing those as it consoled me from the inferiority complex that I was suffering at that time.

It was a long wait and I was hoping it to be fruitful. The door to the interview room was open and I was sitting by the door. I could hear the girl reading the passage super fast. Throughout the interview process she did not demonstrate any signs of confidence – her speech was unclear as she stammered at times. I could smell her fear in every word that she uttered.

I was sure that she would be rejected. But the guy dressed in black was going to prove me wrong. He handed her the appointment letter. OK! that’s fine, I thought – even I’ll get mine; I was so confident. He walked towards me and said, “I’m sorry you are not selected.” I knew the reason but hoped for an answer so I asked if I could work on something. He just smiled which was equivalent to no answer, no feedback. What the hell was that? In the entire day he chose only one candidate and that was ‘the girl in the makeup’.

It didn’t trouble me that the girl wore makeup or she was two or three shade fairer or she looked prettier than me; what troubled me was that I knew she was not confident, she mispronounced words that even the interviewer corrected at times, there were more than five occasions when she didn’t answer at all. So how or why was she selected? To be honest I was a raging bull that day. I was never treated like this anywhere – at home or social community or school or college – anywhere – never.

After losing my appetite on receiving such treatment, I decided a few things 1) wear makeup 2) work on my skills 3) gain knowledge, as much as possible and 4) not to wear pink.

I was ready for my next interview with all the things that I had learnt previously or accidentally. This time I got selected and ever since I have met people who have treated me equal and respected me for sharing my knowledge with them.

So yes, I did fell like that monkey once… cheated with a cucumber and not treated with grapes.


Messy place not to be

My bedroom was a messy place with scattered toys, books, colour pencils, paints and brushes when I was a child. Now my mom says, “Thanks heavens you’ve got a good place”.

Neat cushion covers, bed sheets tucked in, a wall clock up and running, the mementoes shine, books dusted clean they all define me (so I think). I’m not a techie person but the desktop is a sacred place to me. I keep all my works arranged into files, folders and sub folders. It’s so easy to find my way through that I could instruct someone over the phone to get to the exact file or folder that I want. I’m this organized but don’t think too positive about me.

I’m a human after all and there is a messy place not to be – my cupboard. Although, I do clean it once in a while it’s a serious business for me. I sort out the ones in use and discard away the rest. For the first few days it is neat and tidy and then I no longer fold the clothes I just dump them in. Then again one day I’ll clean up my messy cupboard. But until then I’m glad that the cupboards have doors – good, I can keep the mess closed behind the doors.




Fog covered mountains

Behind the veil of a misty fog lies another realm of reality, one which is a copy of the existing reality but is totally different in a lot of aspects. As my mind tick-tocks between consciousness and unconsciousness I fall in and out of a dreamy land.

Foggy day

Dreamy, to me is like this picture – misty, foggy, an unclear mind but always a mystery behind its foggy lines.


777 Challenge

Kate Murray has nominated me for the 777 challenge. She is a successful writer with two of her works published and one in progress. Apart from her writing skills she is amazing with her illustrations.
The 777 challenge needs you to first go to the seventh page of your ongoing work. Then scroll down to the seventh line of the script and share the next seven lines of the work in progress with everyone. Once this is done you need to tag seven other writers to the challenge. Of course, one is free not to participate due to contractual agreement or make changes to participate, whichever suits you the best.
Firstly, I would like to nominate these writers for the challenge. They are all great writers each different in their writing styles. I would request you to check their blogs for more reads.  Please note that the list is in alphabetical order and cannot be taken otherwise.
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I have altered the challenge a bit for myself. Currently I’m working on a short story. I’ve taken a few lines from a chapter which is still in progress. I have made some changes to the lines as well.
 So here it is. I hope you like it.


It was a great comfort to be walking all alone on a deserted stretch of street. At random intervals, I was bathed under a street light.

The moon was doing what it did every night. It was suited up in a shiny steel armour. I’m sure I had noticed a small grin on its face one that I had never seen before. But I didn’t care about it. All I could see was my shadow.

I had never thought that I’ll be left all alone but I was. My only companion was the one who was walking with me – my dark shadow.

What was strange about today was that, what could have been a perfect night was no longer perfect. I had intended to bring changes to my life but instead the world had punched me so hard that I could not feel my tummy at all.




Signs for Humans

We human beings are proud inhabitants of mother earth and have been for thousands of years. Over these many years nature has been kind enough to show us signs that we interpreted and learnt that has supported our living and survival. Clouds for rains, rains for good harvest, stars for zodiac, sun rise for a new day – these were the signs through which mother eath communicated with us. Then signs were of sneeze for cold, wrinkles for ageing, shoes not fitting for new shoes in need. Signs subtle or obvious have now become a part of human life.

Fishermen racing back home as the sun sets

Setting sun – a signal – for the fishermen to return home from the days kill. Sun set is an invitation for humans and birds alike to come back to the coziness of our homes and loved ones.

Tibetan place of devotion

Signs of human devotion and a spot to reach out to one’s God. We need signs to see that supreme being dwells with us, so we make homes for Him.

A painting on the wall in a Tibetan monastery

Signs of an artistic hand and heart at work.

Some signs are either bold or are made bold as humans need these signs to not get lost.

A painting on the wall

Ready to eat.

A door separating passive and active smokers

Signs are sometimes made bold so no one misses it.

Way to Chang La Pass, Ladakh, India

Signs to reach the destination safely.

We humans, need all sorts of signs to lead our life happily or that leads us to the desired destination (safe and sound). But sometimes we miss on the subtle signs and take a wrong turn and finally reach a wrong destination.



How to grow a Money Tree

money plantIt is a fascinating idea to have full grown trees with branches spreading wide open in the sky and leaves as green as sapphire and for it to be occasionally burdened with some golden fruits. Replace these leaves from the wallet owned greens and substitute the golden fruits by coins. What do you get – A Money Tree.

Parents work hard to instill the right attitude, values and behavior in us right from our childhood. I remember my father working hard. They all do and nothing has changed about that. My mother, I remember, tried to manage the house and us along with our small and big desires, needs and wants. Parents have a difficult life as we (children) enjoy as much as we can and till the time we can.

It would be unfair to expect them to be happy all the time. With all the grown up issues and responsibilities they do tend to snap at times. Which I think is only fair, as I’m dealing with them now. Whether single or married, children or no children we all have a whole lot of problems which need fixing. Some are quick fix issues and some are like the bathroom pipes  leaking after every six months of repair and some get a permanent fixing like cement poured on the ground never to come off until broken.

The issues might have transformed in shape and size but the nature still remains the same. The grown up problems (or financial health of a person or a family) affect children’s allowance directly.

One day…when 11 or 12, I had asked for some money but got some blah! blah! blah! in return. So, I decided to do something for myself.

I took some coins and notes from my pencil box – where I stored some (not all) money. It gave me an easy access to my savings. In addition to my pencil box I stored money… in a book, in a small pouch hidden beneath a pile of clothes, in a piggy bank, in a handmade paper envelope under the mattress. Then there were places completely forgotten about until a day I miraculously discovered them. Of course, it was a bumper prize for me and my face glowed like a 100 watt bulb.

With a coin and note in my hand I stormed out of the room. I declared anger by slamming the doors and utensils – my normal representation of anger. The door slammed with a big noise right behind me. The bang was powerful enough to swallow my mother’s voice. My name was already lost in the big bang boom as the door shut right behind me. My small steps made its way out of the room in great hurry.

With determined steps I marched towards the garden. Scanning through each and every spot, plants and trees, pots both empty and full I stood with the note and a coin in my hand. There was a spot by a cactus plant. Yes, that was a perfect spot. It was a safe place. In my absence the cactus plant would mother my money plant.

I was going to grow a plant – my own money plant. This would grant me independence and I’ll be saved from asking money from my parents (so, I thought). At that moment a child’s true imagination had overpowered me making be oblivious of the probability of a money plant actually not manifesting in my garden.

Deciding on the spot I looked at other particulars. Knowing that coins are made of metal – I didn’t worry much. However, I was worried about the note after all it is paper. So I covered it nicely in a plastic sheet and glued both the ends.

I dug a small hole. Put the encased note and coin in it, covered it with dark brown earth and poured some water on it. I had seen my mom planting the seeds in the same manner. My small palms were covered in soil and my nails were dark in colour by now. But all the hard work made me happy as I was looking forward to a time – an owner of a money plant.

I think the money still remains buried at the same place. No one knows of the money or my action. I wonder when did I lose track of it not growing. I realize now that it was a childish act but my imagination and intention was pure at that time.

Now that I have faced the hard truth like everyone else – that money don’t grow on tree trunks – and everyone has to work for it.

As children, we are the owners of our own imaginations. We do not think of the consequences. We are at a time, when we act with our ignorance and rest everything in a container called – believe. Over a period of time as the money tree did not come to life my imagination also got buried in the soil of reality.

A night… at a local fair

I visited a local fair which was organized very close to my house. This time of the year marks the beginning of many Hindu festivals and the fair concentrates around the decorative products of all kinds. This fair is strategically organized during the end of September or the beginning of October as the weather turns out to be pleasant and apt for open air fair affair. Secondly with the on going poojas and festivities to come people buy a lot of stuff from here as it turns out to be less expensive compared to the normal market price.

Street decorated with lights

The street leading to the fair, decorated with lights – welcoming people.

electric light bulbs to decorate during diwali

A stall – lights for Diwali (one of the biggest Hindu festivals) which will be in the last week of October.

Bobble head Indian clay dolls

A colourful display of clay dolls. Taking a closer look (all the round figures of cute men and women) suggested they were bobbleheaded dolls.

some decorative hangings

Some decorative hangings.

Jute hanging lamp shade along with other kinds of traditional wall hangings

A decorative hanging lampshade made of jute.

A soft toy stall for kids

A stall for kids – on display – colourful balls, a face mask and a colourful parrot. My favourite was this parrot.

Lady in Yellow

A lady in… yellow saree and some colourful fabric on display.

decorative item made from coconut husk

Decorative item made from coconut husk.

Artificial flowers

Flowers to decorate every house. I could see every housewife buying it – a token to remember from the fair.

Clay birds to hang on the walls and some Diwali diyas

Again colourfully glazed clay birds to hang on the walls. Some diwali diyas (small cup shaped oil lamps made from baked clay) for sale for the upcoming Diwali festival.

A bhelpuri stall

We Indians eat street food religiously and not concerned about anything else. We can only think of the taste and pleasure it gives while eating them. One is bound to find Golgappas or Bhelpuri – a kind of street food – which sells at every nook and corner of the Indian streets. The ‘Bhelpuri’  made it to the fair but Golgappas were absent.

Sweet Paan

I could not resist this. An outburst of colours and the name is paan. A wonderful display of colours all packed in beetle leaf with some cherries, grated coconut, sprinkled fennel and chocolate syrup. Wondering about the size? You can’t have it in installments…put the entire thing in the mouth and start chewing. This sweet paan is good for digestion and is eaten after dinner or lunch.

I had a wonderful night at fair and hope you enjoyed as much.









A day…

This, a day

A day to work

A day to be active

A day to do the laundry and stuff

A day to rake the leaves

A day to mow the green grass

A day to relax

A day to go shopping

A day to dress sharp

A day to dress light

A day to gobble unhealthy edibles

A day to consume healthy food

A day to go mad

A day to cheer

A day to cry

A day to remember

A day to forget

A day to pray

A day is everyday

Everyday is this day

This day is to rejoice in the Lord