Blogging a crystal globe

Blogging – my sweet home and its people my friends and family.

Blogging – my growing community of circle.

Blogging – an addiction that I find hard to resist.

Blogging – a habit that has helped me to grow everyday.

Blogging – a life support system introducing me to varied topics/people from all across the globe.

Blogging – something that I enjoy.

Blogging – my absence, leaves me guilty.

Blogging – my crystal globe.

Blogging – a kaleidoscope of different colours and patterns.


Gone and savoured

Blossoms come and wither away, leaves are born and fall away. But the plant stays to give life to many more. The universe – a big plant that supports life of all forms. Everyone withers away but is remembered by someone. Just like the beauty of every individual flower is caught in our hearts; our actions and deeds are caught in the universe and lingers as people remember us.

tea plant with a flower

tea plant with a flower

A visit to Kangra, India where tea is produced. I was able to capture this beautiful flower that had bloomed on a tea plant. Its gorgeous green leaves and this serene white flower sitting on its top made a memorable shot for me. These white flowers are left to wither away in the sun and then picked to make white tea. I could not stop thinking how many flowers would have bloomed, how many leaves would have been plucked after I left the place but the plant will share more with the world to let us savour a nice cup of – green, white or normal tea.