Gone and savoured

Blossoms come and wither away, leaves are born and fall away. But the plant stays to give life to many more. The universe – a big plant that supports life of all forms. Everyone withers away but is remembered by someone. Just like the beauty of every individual flower is caught in our hearts; our actions and deeds are caught in the universe and lingers as people remember us.

tea plant with a flower

tea plant with a flower

A visit to Kangra, India where tea is produced. I was able to capture this beautiful flower that had bloomed on a tea plant. Its gorgeous green leaves and this serene white flower sitting on its top made a memorable shot for me. These white flowers are left to wither away in the sun and then picked to make white tea. I could not stop thinking how many flowers would have bloomed, how many leaves would have been plucked after I left the place but the plant will share more with the world to let us savour a nice cup of – green, white or normal tea.

7 thoughts on “Gone and savoured

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jalal. Nothing is as soothing as tea…green or white, who cares? As long as there is tea, I don’t care much. I was at the right time, right place the tea garden was closed but I had this beautiful tea flower, at least.
      Thanks for liking the humble picture, Jalal. Wish you and your loved ones a great holiday season ahead.


      • So you too, are a tea lover…great! 😀 I have at least one cup but max could go to three or five cups in a day specially during winters.
        Thanks so much for your wishes, Jalal. 🙂


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