Gone and savoured

Blossoms come and wither away, leaves are born and fall away. But the plant stays to give life to many more. The universe – a big plant that supports life of all forms. Everyone withers away but is remembered by someone. Just like the beauty of every individual flower is caught in our hearts; our actions and deeds are caught in the universe and lingers as people remember us.

tea plant with a flower

tea plant with a flower

A visit to Kangra, India where tea is produced. I was able to capture this beautiful flower that had bloomed on a tea plant. Its gorgeous green leaves and this serene white flower sitting on its top made a memorable shot for me. These white flowers are left to wither away in the sun and then picked to make white tea. I could not stop thinking how many flowers would have bloomed, how many leaves would have been plucked after I left the place but the plant will share more with the world to let us savour a nice cup of – green, white or normal tea.

I did it, I could do anything

There was a spiral staircase in our school building. We were not allowed to go there but I was always curious about it. Somehow I thought of Rapunzel or someone trapped up inside what looked like a room.

With a group of five friends I decided to go. When we climbed up we went half way and then came back. Due to its spiral shape and the gaps between each step we felt dizzy and not to mention that the height scared us away.

We again tried the second time. It was decided that three would stand down just in case we fell or something happened. I was one of the two to go up. I reached only to find a lock at the entrance. I didn’t look down as I went up; as I knew, if I would then I could not go ahead. It was only when I reached the top of the staircase that I saw down for a brief moment. I thought I would feel good but I realized my fear of heights for the very first time. An uneasiness filled my tummy. There was a feeling that I was sitting on a merry go round and I started running down the stairs.

We were happy because we had done something that no one had done (or so we thought). We didn’t find anything but we did it. At that moment I certainly felt that having done this I could do anything. If I was there I could be anywhere where my heart desired me to be.

December list

It’s that time of the year:

When there is a chill in the air.

When Christmas Songs play all day long.

When the spirit of Christmas is on the loose.

When giving is a joy, sharing is a blessing and receiving means being loved.stars

When stars are hanging and trees are shinning with lights.

When fun, feast and family all come together.

When loads of sweets, chocolates and cakes are gobbled by the watch.

When I turn deaf and blind to: stay fit and healthy.

pineWhen I get to wear red and green together like a Christmas tree.

It’s that time of the year, when I get to celebrate Christmas.

Listen to the advice but don’t leave your brains

Advice is free

It can be good or bad.

Only when followed; it will make you happy or sad.

Someone told me to fly and think high.

I sat at the top of a building.

Yes, I was high about to fly.



Someone pulled me from behind.

The next day I was standing in a line.

My mom yelled in front of everyone, “Don’t you have brains!”

So I learnt advice is good to give but when follow use your brains.


Converge is not always to meet

We all walk in life from a starting point moving towards a finishing point where we meet people, ideas and places.

Leh, Chang La Pass

Sometimes convergence is an illusion that we will meet at some point – a hope for a better future.

Himalayan Range

Sometimes we rise to meet the sky, again for our betterment.

Himalayan Range

And sometimes we walk on separate lines never to meet.