Expressing – in Words and Pictures

Trying to find peace within hearts is a difficult task specially in a fast paced and a mechanized world of today; however, if some time is spent alone with mother nature – one can certainly find peace.

clinging to a flower

clinging to a flower

Mother nature is a talented artist, brilliant creator and an experienced teacher. For an amateur like me, she spreads her arms which overflows with ideas, and that’s why I find myself clinging to her for inspiration, peace and wisdom.

white mushroom

white mushroom

Believers sprout like white mushrooms from dark brown soil and green grass. They all find their way up.

bookish christmas tree

bookish christmas tree

Books are the best companions that one can have. I feel that it’s almost difficult to read all the great books in one lifetime. And that’s why I feel that I should have started reading since the day I was born or I should now, read with an increased speed like my dying days are nearing.

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

Water is one of my favourite elements and so I would like to conclude my post with a quote from Lao Tzu : Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.


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